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30 May 2007

At Oprah's celebrated "Legends luncheon" she served something called "lemondrop martinis."  My cousin Peach got the recipe and that was going to be the drink for last night's Cousins Night.  We had each been told to bring 6 lemons because each martini took 3 lemons and 2 oz of vodka and she assumed we would each want two martinis.

She brought Splenda to replace the sugar so these would be "lo cal" martinis (she didn't realize there were calories in vodka). 

My mother got busy cutting the lemons, while Peach squeezed the juice out of them.

Eventually all the lemons were cut...

(this is only a portion of them)

And the lemondrop martinis were made.

We sat down to drink them and...well, you'll have to watch the Video of the Day and look at the Photo of the Day to get the full flavor.

Something was definitely off somewhere!  Either that or Oprah likes lemons a whole lot more than we do!  Or else the sugar on the rim was affecting the lemon juice inside.  Or else Splenda isn't as sweet as sugar. 

Whatever, we certainly did a lot of puckering and a whole lot of laughing over these martinis.  And we will try some other drink next time!

Cousins Day is taking on a rhythm of its own.  We were at the card table minutes after unloading the car and had played 4 games of "65" before time to make the lemondrop martinis.  It was definitely not my day for Lady Luck to sit on my shoulder and I was the only one who didn't win a pot.

But we laughed a lot.  We always laugh a lot.  For some reason my demonstration about how to get oxygen to your muscles seemed to elicit much hilarity.  I'm sure I don't know why.

After dinner Niecie came for awhile.  She's the daughter of our cousin Shirley, who died recently.  I guess that makes her our first cousin, once removed (and my kids' second cousin).  She's younger than we are , but not that much younger.  She's always great fun and again we laughed a lot, but in a different way.

When she left we went back to our last game of the night and I let them take more money from me.  I pretty much died when my head hit the pillow.

We had time for one more game before we left this morning and finally I managed to win, not only the game, but most of the hands as well.  At least it wasn't a total loss.

We've made a pledge to each other about fitness for our trip to D.C. next April and are going to use future Cousins Days as support, encouragement and accountability days.  Our next one is June 18.

This whole cousins day thing was one of the best ideas we ever came up with!




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