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27 May 2007

I swear, you'd think I was killing these puppies.  This is the most ungrateful bunch of teeny canines I've had.  They're cute as can be, but it's all about me, me, me and never any thanking the hand that feeds them.  In fact, they like to bite the hand that feeds them with those tiny razor-like teeth.

I know you can start puppies on solid food sometime between 2 and 3 weeks.  As an old breastfeeding mother, I have usually opted for later rather than earlier, going on the assumption that they will be better off having more sucking time.  I decided yesterday, when Ruby clamped down so hard on my finger with her teeth and I couldn't pry her jaws loose (amazing how strong something so tiny can be!) that it was probably time to start them on solid food.

But Cousins Day is Tuesday (aside:  The May 30 journal entry will be posted late because I'm not taking my computer with me) and I just didn't want to deal with all the mixing and mess of new puppies just starting out to eat solid food, so I decided I would hold off starting until I got home on Wednesday.

I fed all the puppies at about 7:30 this morning.  And by 8:30, Ruby and Tipper, the two loud ones (Crystal is very placid and very polite and almost never cries loud cries) were climbing the wall of the playpen crying and crying and crying.  I got Tipper out and put her in my lap, where she sucked furiously on my finger and fell asleep.  But Ruby kept crying and crying and crying.  I finally decided to let them roam around on the floor, since they seem to enjoy not having any walls around them.

The novelty of being on the floor lasted a good, oh, 10 seconds and they set up a howl again.

Well...the hell with it.  I decided to fix them some solid food.

I took 1/3 cup of the puppy kibble I have, mixed it with 1/3 cup of formula and 1/3 cup of water and ran the whole thing through the blender.  I put it in a shallow torte pan and put it in what is now the "feeding cage" and stuck both  puppies right into the pan.  Once they accidentally got some of the goo into their mouths, they ran through that thing like little bulldozers, scooping up everything in their path.

One of the puppies seemed to be finished, so I took her out and gave her a bath, but the other one just kept scarfing up the food.

Walt tried to take video of the bath, but he wasn't sure how to operate the camera and it turned out we missed the whole thing.

So we started all over again with the second puppy, who wasn't quite as covered with food, but puppies are puppies and cute pictures of puppies are cute pictures of puppies, so of course the video is cute.

When they were both clean and back in bed, they passed out like drunken sailors after a night on the town.

Crystal woke up for a feeding at the normal time but I let the other two sleep thru it and just gave her the regular formula.  I did try her on some of the mash after she'd eaten and it ended up with BOTH of us covered in food.

Later, at the next feeding time, I tried making mash for all three.  The first two were experts by now, but poor Crystal really preferred formula and after it became apparent she wasn't getting any food and wasn't interested in getting any ― I got her cleaned up and gave her formula, while the other two were finishing off the mash.

I guess we have officially started solid food, whether I want to yet or not.



Crystal doesn't quite have the technique down just yet.


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