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22 May 2007

As you may notice, I have posted a new video.  I got enough loaded back onto the computer to allow me to put together a video of the new puppies. 

This is the first time I've ever had to reload everything on a computer and, for anybody who has never done it before, lemme tell you, it is daunting!

My plan was to take this nice clean slate and start out organized.

Well...this is me, of course, so already I'm disorganized. 

For awhile it seemed that I had every program that I had ever used except the ones that I used most.   But I finally found those, after a lot of hair pulling.

Once I have this thing up and running just the way I want it, I hope to make a printed version of which programs I use (since I have several video programs and can't remember which I used and which I didn't).  I will make sure I have all the registration information together in one spot.  And I will make sure that all the programs are in one binder, just like Steve told me they should be.

The next time this happens...and of course there will be a next time...I'm sure I'll be just as disorganized as I have been this week!  But my heart is in the right place!

I gave lots of thought to giving up on Word Perfect, biting the bullet and going with Word, like the rest of the world.  But then I remembered all the things that I hate about Word, and everything I love about Word Perfect.  Thanks to Becky and Wilma, I found an affordable version of it and have ordered it, so as soon as that comes, I'll be back in Word Perfect too.

So let's hope this is the very last time in a long time that I write an entry about my computer woes!

In the meantime, the puppies are growing like weeds.  Tomorrow I will move them to the playpen because I think part of why they are awake so much is that their eyes are opened now, they are trying out their legs and they are stumbling over each other.  Perhaps in the playpen they will have more room to move about.

Ruby and Tipper are eating like pigs.  Crystal eats fine when she wakes up, but the other two would eat every two hours if I let them.  Today I let Tipper sleep in my lap, sucking on my finger, for an hour because every time I put her in the cage, she started yipping and yipping and yipping nonstop.

Needless to say, Crystal is still smallest of the three!

Their teeth are coming in and perhaps part of why they are complaining so much is maybe discomfort from that, though none of the rest of the puppies I've raised have had obvious teething problems.

They're weird, though.  Even when it's been hours since  they last ate and they are frantic to find food, they clench those little jaws so tightly you can't get a thing in between the upper and lower jaws.  They whine and whine and whine and root around frantically and whenever they encounter my fingers, the jaws close.  The best I can do is just sit there and drip a bit of formula on my hand.  Then when they finally open their mouth to get the formula, I slip a finger in.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Eventually it does, but frequently not without a struggle.

The "Christmas puppies" were about the easiest I'd ever had to feed.  These guys rank up there about the most frustrating to feed!

At the same time, Sheila is playing games with me.  She knows that she is not supposed to bark.  The "Stop Bark" we put in the yard has helped keep the barking down, but at night, she stands out in the middle of the yard and begins to bark.  It's a game we play.

I jump up, turn on the light, open the door and hiss "NO!"  Now she used to come inside at this point, but now she stands there daring me to do something about the barking.

And she can read my mind.   Tonight I lured both dogs inside with promises of a treat, but Sheila was having none of coming in the door where I was standing.  She went through the dog door to make sure that it was opened.  I closed the glass door, took the dogs in the kitchen, gave them their promised treat, Sheila took hers and raced out the dog door before I could block it off.  This is a dog who at all other times stands back and lets me go through a door first.  But she knew that if she didn't get to the dog door before I did that she would be locked in.

One of these days I have to get out of the house.  Walt has been gone a week and a half and I don't think I've left the house except to review a couple of shows.  It's dogs-dogs-dogs all day long.  Fun for me, but pretty boring for a journal entry!


Two weeks old now
(Tipper at left, Ruby on top of Crystal)


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