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21 May 2007

It's back.

The computer is back.

It's a mixed blessing.  On the one hand, it's wonderful to have the desktop and to be able to contemplate getting back where I started from.

On the other hand, it means getting back where I started from in 2003!

He saved all my data, photo and video files.

I have to re-install all my program files (which I was happy to do--the cleanup of the machine and what he did alone cost over $400).  The problem is with my main program, Word Perfect, I cannot find either the install disk or the registration, both of which I did have at one point!

I've finally decided that I have to bite the bullet and admit defeat and just learn to make Word my friend.  The whole world uses Word.  WordPerfect is being squeezed out.  But I know that there are things about Word that I hate, having used it now for two weeks, things that will never make it as user-friendly as WordPerfect is.  But it's either that or spend several hundred dollars getting a powerful WordPerfect suite which I don't need because I only need the actual word processing part of it.  How I hate "packaged" programs like this!

I would explain to you exactly why I hate Word, but it's long and technical and boring.  But it has to do with macros and the hundreds of them I used in WordPefect and how Word macros don't act the same way WordPeferfect macros do.  (but if anybody knows how to use key strokes for Word macros, I will love you forever).

One big problem is that in the past, my laptop has always been a crutch until the real thing was fixed.  Unfortunately, with the fancy new zippy laptop and the length of time it has taken to get the desktop cleaned up, I have managed to make the laptop so user-friendly that if I absolutely had to live without the desktop, I would have been sad, but not disconsolate.

Geek Guy is very nice and very enthusiastic about his work.

I hate geek guys who are enthusiastic about their work because I am capable of learning things, but slowly, and in my own time, and geek guys assume that you know everything and by the time you've started processing information piece #1 they are already on information piece #50 and just assume you have followed them through all of their explanations.

The woman who recommended this guy to me says that she just soaks up all the information that he has to give her and has learned so much.

But she's probably the age of my children.

He hammered me with such an overload of information that I barely remembered how to turn on the machine when he left here.

However, all I know is that the machine works, that I have a brand new 160 gigabyte storage drive which will probably not become infected with nasty viruses and which will help make sure that my main hard drive does not get clogged with data files.

...and that I have hours ahead of me finding all those things I so efficiently copied and thought I organized but which I now realize I did not...not really.

He tells me that the machine "should last you another couple of years."

Heck, for $400, it had better last me a lot longer than that!


"D is for Dust Bunny"
I have a healthy crop right now.


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