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18 May 2007

I have a hickey.

A puppy hickey.

These are the sucking-est puppies I've had.  I think it probably has something to do with having been with their mother for a week before I got them. 

They aren't too keen on sucking on my finger tips, as all the other puppies have done, but they sure love sucking on the pads of my fingers, especially where the finger meets the palm of my hand.  They will suck there forever if I let them.

They aren't eating huge amounts, but now take a bit more than a tablespoon of formula.  Ruby is up to a tablespoon and a half and is the largest of the three.

They are starting to practice walking now instead of kind of dragging themselves along.  They make me laugh because they stand on wobbly legs and then topple over onto their backs, legs waving in the air as they try to roll over and get back on their stomach again.

The problem with this walking practice is that they end up walking the length of the cage (their ears and eyes still aren't opened) and sticking their noses out of the bars and crying over and over again.

This afternoon it was Tipper who was crying.  Their "mama teddy bear" was being washed, and all of them were restless, so I put in the "substitute mama" and two of them calmed down, but Tipper kept crying, so I picked her up and let her suck on my fingers for awhile.  She sucked for a very long time and then slept in my lap and ultimately settled herself along my left arm and began sucking on my bicep.  She just sucked and sucked and sucked.  I didn't really feel anything, so I was really surprised when I finally put her back in the cage and discovered she had left me with a hickey.

For her part, Google had spent the day in the vet's office, where she was finally spayed.  She goes up for adoption on Saturday and Ashley already has someone interested, who saw her photo on the Petfinder web site.

Ashley brought her home around 7 p.m. and she did not look like a happy puppy.

I kept her in the cage for awhile but eventually she wanted out, and into my lap.  While I watched Grey's Anatomy and Lost: Answers, she cuddled happily in my lap.

Eventually, the puppies set up a howl and it was time to feed them once again.

I got all three of them fed and back in bed with full tummies and I expect them to sleep through the night.  Google is passed out on one of the dog beds and I'm going to leave her there thru the night rather than put her back in the cage.  I figure the less she has to move, the happier she'll be...and the big dogs sleep with me anyway.

So that's how my day has gone:  gone to the dogs.



Ruby, with a firm suction grip on my finger



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