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9 May 2007

Sometimes it's very nice to have dogs.

Yesterday was the worst day yet with this damn computer.  I finally had a new supply of blanks CDs and started to move programs off of the hard drive and onto back-up disks.

Every. single. time. that I burned a CD, as the tray opened to let me remove it, the computer froze.  The only thing I could do was to manually shut it down and reboot.  In half an hour I'd succeeded in burning two CDs.

Everything caused the computer to freeze.  If I played a game of solitaire, it might cause it to freeze.  If I tried to look at a photo, it would freeze. And "freeze" means that you can't do anything, including shut it down the normal way.

Sometime in the middle of the afternoon, just booting up caused the computer to freeze.  I made the mistake of leaving the computer as it was starting and when I came back there were four error messages and the computer was frozen.

I screamed a lot.

I decided to just try the new laptop computer for internet access.  You may remember that when I used it for the first time at mother's, I was so discouraged because it was much slower than the old laptop I was replacing.  But I was that desperate.

Well, I don't know what happened at my mother's, but the thing purred here.  Even though I was on dial-up, the speed on the internet was faster than I was getting with the desktop.  So I set up the kitchen table so I could plug into the telephone line (no, we don't have a router yet.  Walt has finally decided it is a good thing to do, but it's not done yet).  I was able to check e-mail and look at web pages using the laptop, so I felt a little better.

But there was still the problem of how to back up this damn desktop so I can call someone to help me with the re-install of XP.

I just never knew what was going to cause it to freeze.  In fact, as I was writing this, I was trying to remember which version of FrontPage I was using so I could find the disk and install that on the laptop, thinking maybe I'd use the laptop for uploading web pages.  I clicked on the FrontPage "help" button.  It gave me the information, and froze the program.  I lost everything I'd written to that point and I had to reboot again.

I wanted to match the settings on the desktop with the laptop and tried to check out which toolbars I had active on the desktop, but right-clicking the task bar to get the information caused the computer to freeze.

I sincerely hope there is a very dark, very hot, very unpleasant place in Hell for people who cause computer viruses.  May they spend eternity with only an upright typewriter missing the letter "e."

Fortunately last night was "24" night and "Dancing with the Stars" night and so there was a distraction on the other screen.  But I had work that needed to get done, so at some point I tried working on the desktop again.

I have a sore throat this morning from screaming so loudly. 

Walt should be happy that he is in Santa Barbara this week.

In addition to the computer problems, Google was driving me nuts.  She is the perfect dog for some woman who lives alone, has no other pets, and who is looking for a devoted lap dog.  That's what Google wants.  Her own person who will cater to her 24 hrs a day.  She's wants to be noticed, pampered and adored.

She's a fat, furry, four-legged Paris Hilton, and I finally got so fed up with her constant begging for a lap that I put her in prison too.  Fortunately, she doesn't complain about being put in the cage.

Around midnight, I finally decided that the Hair review would have to wait for morning, and I needed to go to bed rather than fight with the computer any longer.

The dogs and I have our sleeptime routine.  They sit outside the bathroom while I brush my teeth, then I open the living room (which is shut off because Lizzie can't tell the difference between "shag" and "grass" during the day) and they wait for me to walk in.  They slowly follow me.  I settle myself on the couch, with a support against my back.  Sheila stands next to me while I get settled, her body facing away from me and her back presenting for petting.  I pet her back for a few seconds, she lies down and sleeps at my side thru the night.

Lizzie, in the meantime is waiting for me to be settled in, then she makes a flying leap over my body to the table behind the couch where she can look out the window and check to see what's going on outside.  Then she carefully makes her way down the couch to the chair next to it and settles in there, or, if she's not sleepy yet, she chews an empty water bottle for awhile.  (Plastic water bottles are both dogs' favorite toy.  The back yard is littered with flattened bottles.  They love the crackle sound when they are bitten.  Once they are flat and no longer make noise, they ignore them.)

But last night was different.  As soon as I settled on the couch, Sheila was there putting her head on my shoulder and I circled her head with my arms.  Lizzle nuzzled her way into the circle and both dogs started licking me very tenderly.  It was almost as if they were trying to comfort me for all the frustrations of the day.

I settled down and told myself that things might be better in the morning.

Unfortunately, they aren't.  But I was very happy to have the dogs with me last night.




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