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8 May 2007

What's wrong with this picture?

I have a lot of photos like this--little sausage dog lying under my desk while I work.

The problem is that the sausage dog was black Kimba.  Since Kimba died, the dogs we've had here haven't been interested in fitting in this space.  Sheila and Lizzie prefer to sleep right under my feet--about the most inconvenient place for them to sleep, of course.

But Google discovered Kimba's "cave" and now more often than not, when I'm working, I find her sleeping in exactly the same position where Kimba slept.

Looks weird.  She's the wrong color!

Google is a weird little dog.  She's certainly easy to have around.  She doesn't bark (so far).  She just wants to be near me.  She doesn't pee in the house or chew things or anything else. 

Ashley doesn't know anything about her history.  Someone found her in a suitcase.  I can't imagine who would put a little dog in a suitcase and then leave it somewhere.  She had only been in the system for a day when I agreed to foster her until next Saturday.

She's one of these dogs who will leave here without leaving paw prints on my heart.  I like her, but there's no magic like there was with our last adult foster dog, Lizzie, who I knew would become our new dog after she was here for 10 minutes.

Google is very wary of Walt.  She will come up to him with wagging tail, but as soon as he lets her know he has noticed her, she will back off, with ears flattened.  If he brings his hands too close to her, she'll snap at him.

The other dogs mostly ignore her, after a boisterous welcome that probably terrified her.  Lizzie would like to share my lap with her, like she did with Dakota, but as soon as she shows any interest in my lap, Google growls at her, and Lizzie just backs off and sleeps on the floor.

But around me she's just great.  That tail goes a mile a minute and she looks at me with a big smile on her face.

They can't all be winners.  Google is such a loving little thing  that I'm sure she'll be a "winner" for someone.  Just not me.

I had a very interesting experience this evening.  Someone knocked on the door and when Walt answered it, there was a woman who, at age 10, had been in 4-H here in town and took a class in cake decorating from me.

Now she has a daughter in 4-H and she has decided that she'll offer to teach a class in cake decorating.  She stopped by because she couldn't remember the recipe I used for buttercream frosting and she can't remember how to fold a parchment paper cone to use for the actual decorating.

It was fun talking with her and hearing the memories that she has of that class, which I can barely remember teaching.

Just another passing fancy in a long list of things that I've forgotten!


Rose from our front yard



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