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6 May 2007

The mental image that popped immediately to mind was the big battle scene in part 3 of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  The big high castle walls with all the good guys inside, and outside the walls as far as the eye can see bad guys, twisted guys, ugly guys, all with their weapons at the ready, all ready to storm the castle walls, and then at a some unseen signal, they all begin racing toward the castle. 

One bad guy manages to get in, but that's not so bad.  You attack him and kill him immediately.  But he's opened up a chink in the armor and suddenly there are two bad guys and then a dozen and then thousands all pouring through this one small opening and scaling the castle walls.

Gandalf is riding through the streets encouraging everyone to ward off the bad guys with anything they have at their disposal. 

It's a great visual when you see it on the giant movie screen.  It's a less great visual when you see it played out on your computer monitor.

I didn't get complacent.  Honest.  But I was hopeful.  I continued my back-up work, but with less vigor and I didn't go out and buy new disks when I ran out yesterday because I figured I could do it tomorrow.

Two days.  Two blissful days without a single error message, without a single pop-up.

The bad guys had retreated, but in retreat they joined with other bad guys and now their ranks had swelled enormously.

It started with one innocent little request to approve a file that I knew was one of the bad ones.  I denied it.  Then, for the first time in three days, there was an IE pop-up window trying to show me a YouTube video of an old Bartles & James commercial.

And then as if I had just ripped apart whatever invisible barrier was holding back all those viruses the screen began to be filled with InternetExplorer pages offering me everything from virus protection software to videos for rent.  Norton (which I was unable to delete) warned me of a virus and then another virus. 

I tried closing windows and denying permissions and cleaning up where Norton said I had to clean up, but it was now a full time job.  Some windows would close, others stomped their feet and stubbornly refused to budge.

My computer fortress had been taken over by unseen monsters who had made it over the wall and stopped me dead in my tracks.

I grabbed my newest weapon.  "Avast! ye monsters," I cried, and set the new virus scanner to running to find and kill all the viruses.  But there was no way I could do anything on the computer while it worked, so I went to sleep.

Six hours later, my screen was filled with Internet screens, virus warnings, requests for approval of files, and Avast still running.

I did what I should have done before I went to sleep, and turned off the modem.  After half an hour, I was finally able to get all the IE screens killed and was left with only Avast, which was working with all the speed of a snail trying to navigate its way across a pool of molasses.

I couldn't do anything, so I watched two TIVO'd Nature programs I hadn't seen yet, went to Office Max to get all sorts of supplies (including more CDs, to continue the backup), had my hair cut...

...and did some grocery shopping.  When I returned home, it was still scanning the C drive, now approaching 900,000 files scanned.  I turned on an On-Demand movie ("A Civil Action," with John Travolta and a cast of Big Names) and thought I'd try to do some work on organizing the CDs I already have, but the movie was so engrossing, I ended up sitting here watching it instead.

I tried to open WordPerfect to do some transcription, but just opening the file took 10 minutes, so I decided not to try anything that I might lost somewhere in the process.

When the movie finished, Avast was finally scanning the F-drive, and had now examined over 1,000,000 files.  After 12 hours it finally finished and gave me a very long list of infected files it had deleted and an even longer list of files to which it was unable to get access.

I rebooted the computer and when it came up, the IE pop-ups started again, slower, but definitely starting.  The virus scan and the system restore had been just a bandage.  I did another system restore and things are under control enough that I can post this journal entry, but I'm not going to try to do videos or anything fancy and will log off of the Internet as soon as I get this posted.

I have arranged with someone to come sometime this week to help me do a clean re-install of XP and maybe then I can get back to normal again.  In the meantime, the bad guys continue to storm the walls of the castle and I'm feeling very vulnerable.



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