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1 May 2007

Well, I managed to gerry-rig this thing so it works, temporarily, so let's hope for the best...

We went to the Big City yesterday.  There are two ways to get to San Francisco from Davis.  The one we usually take (which is a bit shorter) routes us through Oakland and Berkeley and over the Bay Bridge.  The other way (which is more scenic) is the way I go to my mother's, and across the Golden Gate Bridge.

You have undoubtedly heard about that "little accent" they had which melted the freeway near Berkeley. 

Can you believe the driver of the truck which exploded, sending flames 30' into the air, walked away from the accident, walked 2 miles down the freeway, hailed a cab, and got himself to the hospital? 

We figured the accident was going to cause massive traffic jams, so we drove down through Marin county and across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Our timing was just perfect.  We had time to park in the garage and make our way leisurely to the theatre.  The walk made me realize how far removed I am from the "city" these days.  For many years, I commented about how whenever we hit San Francisco, my "city genes" took over.  I moved faster, I looked around more.  Now I feel like a real hick from the sticks, wandering around, taking pictures of all the strange things the big city has to offer.

Did you know that you can buy a cell phone from a vending machine?

The show was good.  I told Walt the nice thing was that I didn't have to go home and review it...and then spent time "reviewing it" verbally with the people with whom we had dinner.  It made me feel good to know that my opinion agreed with the opinion of all these musically-trained people.

Carousel is a tear jerker and I'm a sucker for a tear jerker.  The problem is that my face was all red and blotchy when the lights came up, so I had to rush through a mob of people to get into the bathroom to try to give my face a chance to come back to normal again.

(yes, I'm sitting where you think I am)

It may be an odd place to take a photo, but I needed a photo of me for the 365 project and decided it would make a good story photo if I didn't find a better photo to take later.

Buca di Beppo is such a fun restaurant, but you need to bring a big appetite.  They have not heard of "small" portions.  And it's served family style, so you share everything.  Last time we had too much for our group.  This time we ordered just enough:  Ceasar salad, garlic bread with cheese, stuffed pasta shells, chicken saltimboca (my favorite), and salmon with pesto.  Then we decided to share two desserts, an apple something-or-other and a piece of cheesecake with raspberry and hazenuts.  The cheesecake alone was more than 7 of us could eat!

I did try taking some photos in the ladies' room, which has an interesting assortment of graphics...

(The picture I'm looking at is a blast from the past...)

Other photos I tried were less successful.  I had forgotten to bring my gorillapod and couldn't find a place to balance the camera to get myself into the picture.

We had walked the two blocks from the theatre to the restaurant and on the way passed this mailbox decorated like R2D2. Apparently there are other such mailboxes around the country, but, never visiting the city, I was unaware of that.

As we drove out, we passed one of my favorite buildings in the city.  I was able to  whip my camera out before the stoplight changed.

Doesn't show up too well here (there are two photos), but if you're interested, you can see them larger here and here.

I woke up this morning feeling a little pang that there was no Dakota to take out of the playpen, but here is Ashley's note about her:  Wonderful new home! I was a little worried with the first people disappeared, but I think it was fate. These people are great! They have a 4 year old pit named Zeus who is in great shape and they very much understand what it means to own and train a pit. He LOVED her and I think will be a good substitute for Lizzie.

It feels so good to know she has a good home.  I know there will be another puppy sooner or later.


Dakota -- her first day and her last day



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