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30 March 2007

Tonight I did one of my least favorite things as a reviewer:  I went to review a dance concert.  I always groan when I get a dance concert to review, and then I am almost always amazed at how much I enjoy it.

Pamela Trokanski has owned a contemporary dance studio in Davis since the middle 1980s and she teaches what I guess would be called interpretive dance.  I have now reviewed several of her dance concerts and always go home wondering what I'm going to write, but realizing that I really enjoyed myself.

Tonight's recital consisted of three pieces, the first of which was called "voice mail" and was the visual manifestation of the frustration of dealing with "voice mail hell."  A funny piece, if a bit too long.

The last piece was the premiere of a piece called "Come Naked, Bring Beer," which dealt with male-female relationships and concluded with the statement that while women are looking for all sorts of complicated things in a potential mate, for a man it's simply "come naked, bring beer."  Another somewhat funny piece.

But it was the middle piece that made me decide to come home and write a journal entry.  It was called "Singing Over Bones," based perhaps on the book "Women Who Run with the Wolves" (the program doesn't say that, I just have a feeling it is). It tells the legend of women who gather bones and then sing over them.  The bones are the bones of wolves and represent the "wild self."

The women sing to the bones and as the intensity of their song increases, the bones begin to come to life, to develop muscle, sinew, skin and fur.  The legend continues that if the wolves run away and make it as far as the woods they will be reborn as women, "women who know where they came from, women who can laugh."

As the narration continued, I thought about Cousins Day and our cousin Shirley, who died a year or so ago, who was herself a true wolf woman.

I thought about how our coming together, Peach, Kathy, my mother and I, to laugh and to tell the stories of our childhood, and my mother's childhood, and our collective past was like the bones of the wolves which came to life and were reborn as wolf women.

I think of Peach's passion for family history and the stories she has gathered, written, and published so that everyone in the family, whether our generation or some future generation we don't even know yet, will remember the stories of our past and know where we came from...and especially laugh, because we wolf women of the Scott Clan laugh a lot.

Barb, in better days


Barb, Peach, Denise, my mother
(all wonderful Scott women)


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