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26 March 2007

Dakota wants body contact so badly that I finally called Ashley to ask if I could borrow the doggie carrier that I saw her with last week, carrying a Chihuahua who needed that body contact.  I figured maybe Dakota would be happy riding in it while I worked in my office, because she definitely can't be let down by herself.  She heads right for the electric cords. I found that I was spending a lot of time sitting in a chair with Dakota sleeping on top of me and hoped that the carrier would solve that problem.

I stopped by Petco around noon and picked it up.  I also stopped in the store to get treats for Sheila and Lizzie and while I was at it, looked at the stuffed animal aisle, looking for a toy for Dakota.  I had that white teddy bear that I used for all the other puppies (the "Christmas puppies" in the photo at the left), but couldn't find it. 

I also realized that all the puppies we've had in the past spend all their time huddled up next to each other and this poor little orphan doesn't have any siblings to cuddle with.

I managed to find a Dakota-sized teddy bear and bought that, along with some puppy treats too, since the adult dog treats are really too hard on her puppy teeth.

When I came home, we tried Dakota in the new carrier and I could see instantly that this was not going to be the solution to my problems.  She has become a real feisty little girl and all she wants to do is to chase after the big dogs.  Several times I've gone out to break up a skirmish between Dakota and Lizzie, to chastise Lizzie for beating up on the poor little puppy, only to find Lizzie sitting there bemused watching this little ball of fury attack her.

When I got her into the carrier and took her outside, with the bigger dogs jumping up to see what was going on, all she wanted to do was to get down and chase them.  It's so funny watching her waddle across the patio trying to catch Sheila.  I often wonder if the older dogs see the humor in it.

It seemed the carrier wasn't going to work.  But by now it was lunch time.  She was licking me on every patch of bare skin she could find and trying to check to see if maybe she could reach the underbelly on either Sheila or Lizzie. I fixed her some kibble and weak formula and put it in the playpen as I always do, along with the teddy bear.

She ignored the food at first and sniffed the bear all over.  She hasn't shown that much interest in any object since she arrived.  It was the most amazing thing.  She would go to the food bowl and eat a little bit, then waddle back to the teddy bear and sniff it some more, licking various parts of the body, then back to the food bowl.

When the food was all gone, she didn't immediately start yipping to be let out, like she usually does.  Instead, she walked over to the teddy bear, settled herself down next to it and went right to sleep.


Later, after she had been out running around and we were getting ready to leave for a bit, she didn't complain when I put her back in the playpen, but just cuddled up next to her teddy bear and went back to sleep (by now Walt had found the white bear, so she has two of them in the pen with her).

I am aware that this isn't going to be any sort of panacea, where all I have to do is put her in the playpen with a teddy bear and she'll be happy to stay there.  But I think that it is going to give her a sense of "family" that she hasn't had since she left whatever litter of puppies were her family before she was found.


If you watch the Video of the Day, you might be a
little concerned about Lizzie with Dakota...
This should ease your mind!


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