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24 March 2007

As Anna sings in The King and I

Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you
Getting to like you
Getting to hope you like me...

Dakota had a wonderful night.  I put her in the playpen, she cried for a bit, I covered it with a blanket to keep all light out.  The other dogs and I tiptoed around here and we slept in the living room.  I heard the puppy whimper at some point during the night, but I ignored her and didn't hear her again until 6:30, when I was getting up. 

She was a bundle of wiggle and wagging tail and licking tongue, so happy to find someone to be with.  I took her outside for a bit (as soon as she came back in again she found a nice spot to poop on the Pergo) and then fed her breakfast, which she devoured.  This is one hungry puppy!

I will probably start her on some of those magic pills I think I still have, for coccidiosis, since her stool was soft-to-runny. It's quite a challenge to get a pill down her.  I think I was successful, but I'm still not 100% certain.

I let her run around with the big dogs, but she isn't sure what she wants.  She thinks she wants to be in my lap, but after trying to help me type...

...she climbed up on my shoulders, like a kitten, and tried to climb down my back, which I couldn't let her do because I was afraid she'd fall.

I put her on the floor in my office and she immediately found cords to chew, so that had to be stopped.  She kept yipping and yipping and I decided she was probably tired, since she'd been up for a couple of hours, so she went back to the playpen, where she complained for about 5 minutes and finally went to sleep.

So we're in the "settling in / getting to know you" phase and Walt will be very surprised when he comes home tonight to discover that we have a new little guy.

I started a new project, a stupid one for someone who hates to be in photographs.  But it was intriguing.  Apparently at the first of the year, someone on Flickr got the idea of forming a group of people who pledged to post a photo of themselves every day for 365 days.  The rules are that you have to take the photo yourself (self-timer is OK) and some part of your body needs to show in every picture, even if it's only a finger or your eye or something.  The ways that people have chosen to represent themselves is just fascinating (look at this series, for example!).  I got all inspired to see how creative I could get and so I've decided to do the 365 days myself. 

How narcissistic can I be:  a journal, a vlog, and now a photo-a-day!  I've linked the collection under "new on My Flickr" in the left column and I'll just keep that link up, so if you ever want to check to see how creative I'm being (if at all), all you have to do is click there and check.  Of course the first picture was yesterday's "photo of the day" and today's is the picture of Dakota on my hands while I try to type.  But there won't always be a dog picture...and it won't always be a picture which gets posted here either.

It was the impetus I needed to finally buy this.  Ned had one and I'd seen them in catalogs, but until I saw Ned's at work, I didn't realize the kinds of things I'd use it for.  As I contemplate doing a lot of self-photography, in all sorts of weird situations, I think this will be much more versatile than a standard tripod.



She likes to chew on my glasses.


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