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23 March 2007

I was sitting in the recliner, watching Grey's Anatomy when suddenly I heard what sounded like a herd of mice running around the family room.

Next came Lizzie with a flash of black at her feet.

Yes, we are in the puppy biz again.  Ashley called me this evening to let me know she had been contacted by a woman who had a puppy and needed help.

Enter Dakota.  Dakota was found by a guy who almost ran over her because she was running around in the middle of the street.  He picked her up and tried to find an owner for her, but couldn't, so he posted a notice on Craig's List.  The Davis woman saw it, agreed to take the puppy just to keep her from being picked up by somebody with nefarious intentions. 

But she's a cat person and hasn't dealt with puppies before, so she called the SPCA.

And Ashley called me.

So far nobody has actually checked her out.  She's definitely not a pit bull mix, for a change.  She's very small for her stage of development. 

I'm guessing she's about 4 weeks old, since she has all of her teeth (and likes to use them) and runs around confidently.  (Well, confidently when she doesn't have two big dogs leaping on her.)

She's a bit intimidated by Lizzie at the moment.

I fixed her a bowl of puppy food with formula (because she seems a bit on the thin side and I thought the formula would help).  When I was taking the bowl over to her and suddenly looking, again, at how little she is, I figured she'd only eat part of it, but she ate it all and I made some more for her (she only ate half of her second bowl).

Then she curled up in my lap and slept for a long while until she woke up, ran down to my knee and peed on my leg.

I let her outside with the big dogs for a bit and let her run around in the family room, but I can't really leave her unattended--too many places where I can lose her.  I finally put her in the playpen to sleep.

Well.  Madame does not like to be alone in the playpen.

She cried and cried and cried.  I felt bad that I've misplaced my "surrogate mother bear" which all the puppies seem to like to cuddle up to, but I put in a pillow from the bed Lizzie tore apart and she eventually climbed up on it and fell asleep.

She slept for a couple of hours and then set up a howl again so I took her outside (hopefully to pee, but I didn't see whether she did or not).  Again, she went to sleep in my lap and eventually crawled up to behind my neck, where she dug in like a kitten and I had to do a surgical release to get her off my shoulders.  But she didn't complain when I put her back into the playpen and is now sleeping.  With luck, she'll let me sleep for a little bit tonight, but I'm not counting my sleeping hours until they have actually been slept.




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