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22 March 2007

March 21 was another D.I.L.O. -- Day in the Life of..., Flickr's quarterly joint effort where everybody records, in photos, what they did all day long.  This time there was a "theme," which was "words," and however people wanted to interpret that theme.

I decided to do this DILO three ways: in photos, on video, and in a journal entry, which will probably be written sporadically throughout the day.

The first word is "insomnia" because I woke up at 3:30 and could not get to sleep.  In fact, as I begin writing this entry it is nearly 5:30 a.m. and I finally gave up trying to get to sleep and just got up. Fortunately, this doesn't happen often and, actually, I've had more sleep than usual lately, with the dogs' body clocks still on standard time, so I guess I can't complain, but it is going to make the commute to my mother's more difficult, as I will be very groggy.

9 a.m.  I gave up and went back to sleep, getting another hour and a half.  I feel human again!

So for the rest of my day, I took my mother's car in to be washed.  It had serious "birding" problems, which you can't avoid if your driveway is under a tree favored by very prolific crows.  But it got all nice and clean and I headed on down to San Rafael.

A nice surprise to find my mother walking around without her walker and looking pleased as punch about it.  She moves slowly, but confesses she has been going down her front stairs to get mail.

I had brought her a gift from my friend, Diane, who had made her a beautiful bracelet, which she loved.

She had some errands to run, so after a bowl of soup, we got in the car and went to the bank, where she went to the ATM machine by herself, while I stayed in the car.  Then we stopped by her tax guy's office and I took some papers in for her (it was up two flights of stairs; no way she could have done that on her own).

Next stop was the physical therapy office.  Instead of having me drop her off at the door, she went with me to park the car and then walked to the office by herself.

The appointment was only half as long as it had been the last time, and the physical therapist has dismissed her.  She doesn't need to come back unless she is having problems.

Next we went to Safeway.  My mother took a shopping cart and used it like a walker and walked all around the store, doing her own shopping.  You'd think I'd just given her a trip to Tiffany's.  She was so happy. 

We went back to her house, I took an hour's nap, since I was feeling the lack of sleep from the night before.  Then we had an early dinner and, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, I was able to get home before it was dark.

The day ended, as it began, with me in the recliner watching television.  I hope that after I post this entry, I can actually get a full night of sleep, unlike last night.

It wasn't a great was just what happened.

(that's an in-joke for the family)

Here's a plea for help for Suzy Smith, who is going to shave her head, after 9 years of very long hair, to raise money for children who are cancer victims.  Here is her blog entry about it and here is her subscription page.  Read all about it and, if you feel it's a worthy cause, help her out, if you can.  (If she raises $1,000, her husband has promised to donate his long hair to Locks of Love, which makes wigs for chemo patients.) Thanks!

(Peggy did the same thing, recently, to raise money for the kangaroo shelter where she volunteers.  Makes me wish I had long hair to donate!  Where is Shylock when you need him? I'd be more than happy to donate several pounds of flesh for the cause!)



One happy lady...choosing her own produce again!


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