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18 March 2007

I have gotten out of the habit of reading the newspaper over the years.  When Walt was working, he would take the morning paper to the office with him each day and I didn't feel like reading it at night, since I'd usually watched TV news thru the day.

When I was at my mother's, where the television is off most of the day and where she reads every word of two newspapers, I got into the habit of at least looking through the newspaper. 

This week, Walt is off doing jury duty (he didn't realize that seeing Twelve Angry Men last week was actually research for his upcoming role as juror!) and so I found the newspaper sitting on the kitchen table.  I sat down and thumbed through it.

Now I remember why I don't read the newspaper--it makes me so angry!  It is amazing to me how intelligent fundamentalist Christians can continue to espouse the hypocritical stands that some Christian leaders are spouting.

One article I read talked about the need for abolishing abortion because all life is precious and we need to preserve life at all costs but we need to keep the death penalty because that is seeking vengeance for wrongs, as prescribed in the Bible.  How can you say that "all life is precious" in one breath and then turn around and talk about killing people for the sake of vengeance for wrongdoing (or in war)?  Life is life.  It's either precious or it isn't.  There are alternatives to capital punishment which do not including the ending of a life, which is described as precious.

But that didn't get me as incensed as the Rev. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of the leading Southern Baptist seminary and one of the country's pre-eminent evangelical leaders, who is exploring the possibility of pre-natal hormonal manipulation to "cure" homosexuality.  The Reverend accepts the possibility that homosexuals are genetically created, that it's not a choice.  And he feels that if the technology is ever developed then prenatal treatment to reverse gay orientation would be biblically justified.

(We'll set aside what massive hormonal manipulation might do to the woman who is carrying the child.  She's just a woman.  Why should we care about her?)

Mohler's argument was endorsed by a prominent Roman Catholic thinker, the Rev. Joseph Fessio, provost of Ave Maria University in Naples, Fla., and editor of Ignatius Press, Pope Benedict XVI's U.S. publisher.

"Same-sex activity is considered disordered," Fessio said. "If there are ways of detecting diseases or disorders of children in the womb, and a way of treating them that respected the dignity of the child and mother, it would be a wonderful advancement of science." 

On his blog (which I won't link to because it pains me to do so!), Mohler said there is "no incontrovertible or widely accepted proof" that sexual orientation is based in biology, yet "the direction of the research points in this direction."

So on the one hand we have these so-called Christians going around saying that homosexuality is a choice, that they can "cure someone" of homosexuality through prayer and now you have some other fundamentalist Christian who acknowledges that homosexuality is, perhaps, a genetic "defect" that we should attempt to cure before birth.

Ya know....if homosexuality is genetic, that tells me that God intended for there to be homosexuals.  So what in the heck are people doing condemning people for being gay?  What are they doing playing God and manipulating the perfectly good genes that God gave this new life?  Why are parents throwing their kids out of the house for being the way God created them?  Why are "good Christians" beating up fags for being the way God created them?

Mohler noted on his blog that he opposes aborting fetuses or embryos who "are identified as homosexual in orientation," but said advancement on determining a biological basis for such orientation should be used "for the greater glory of God."

Who died and made Mohler God?  I'm glad he stops short of aborting gay fetuses, but who has told him that doing biological manipulation of fetuses suspected of carrying the "gay gene" is something that will advance the "greater glory of God"?

What sick-o's are (some of) these fundamentalist Christians! And what hypocrites! On the one hand, they are professing that all life is precious, and on the other hand they are suggesting unnecessary, radical medical treatments based on their own moral reasons, not for reasons of health.

What's next? Are we planning to bring back Josef Mengele?



Orphaned roo found in a hillside fire
(photo by Peggy)


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