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16 March 2007

Well, here they are:  Lana and Martin.  These pictures were taken a month or so ago, and the description is from the Petfinder Web Site:


Hi my name is Martin and I am a typical sweet puppy. I love attention and will crawl in your lap and beg to be stroked and kissed. Have you always wanted a puppy? Why not come meet me?

Hi my name is Lana and I am one of the funniest puppies in my litter. If you don't believe me look at my pictures. I have learned how to make funny faces for the camera. I am very independent but I do like to play. I love to chase toys and would love a game of tug-of-war. Do you need some comedy in your household? Come meet me.

Got the e-mail from Ashley Wednesday afternoon.  ("I am desperate for help with puppies between 5 and 7 months old. I have 7 or so of them and need people that can foster them until they are adopted, or even for a week if that's all they can do. Please send this to everyone you know, if you think they can foster as well.").  I wasn't really in the market for 4 month old puppies, but she begged for anybody who could take them "at least until Saturday," so I volunteered. 

Don't let the label "Staffordshire Terrier" fool you--they are pit bull mixes, of course.  It seems that's all I see these days.  These guys are stocky and strong as oxen and ran Lizzie and Sheila ragged in the first hour they were here.  They tore through the house, dumped a cup of coffee onto my recliner, knocked the TV remote on the floor, and were in the process of creating mayhem, and having a glorious time doing it.

I eventually set up the cage so they could get outside and into the cage, but couldn't get into the house.

They didn't like that very much, but they couldn't do much about it.  After whining for a bit, they settled down and went to sleep while I watched the American Idol results show.

(I heard this morning, by the way, that there is a "vote for the worst candidate" web site which, along with Howard Stern, is fighting to keep Sanjaya on the show...which is going to make a travesty of the whole thing, since he is so much less talented than those he is beating out to stay with the group.)

But back to the puppies, they slept just fine until Walt came home.  He had gone to the symphony in San Francisco and returned around 11:30.  I expected the puppies to wake up, which they did.  They complained for awhile that they wanted out of the cage, but I didn't let them.  Eventually they settled down again and, miracle of miracle, I don't know when they woke up but I was able to sleep until 7 again (still lovin' that daylight savings time!)

When the dogs woke up, Martin began to think that if he tried hard enough, he might be able to get over the cage top.

(he wasn't successful ... yet... )

Lana, being more practical watched the older dogs and began to figure out the workings of the dog door.

While the other dogs were outplaying, Lana was very pleased with herself for being the only dog in the house and she settled herself into the recliner.

As soon as I opened the back door, Martin and Lizzie made a beeline for the recliner and a wrestling match ensued.

I finally decided that couldn't happen, so, to the consternation of the big dogs, I locked the dog door.  Now I have four unhappy dogs outside, especially Sheila, who doesn't want to play but doesn't want to be left out of anything either.

(As I write this, from my office, where I am hidden from view, the house is shuddering from the weight of Lizzie's body leaping up and hitting the sliding glass door over and over again.)

It's only till Saturday -- right?



Amazing how quickly they take over!


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