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15 March 2007

Well, it's happened again.

A senior U.S. Army Chief, Marine General Peter Pace, has likened gay men and women to adulterers.  It seems that gay men and women are to be told, at birth, that they should forever be denied the comfort of a partner, they should never fall in love, they should never express their love because to do so would be morally wrong.

Purple Heart recipient and proudly gay American hero, Staff Sgt. Eric Alva USMC, responds

"This kind of prejudice is going to continue to have a direct impact on our national security as we allow qualified gay men and women to lose their jobs for no good reason. This policy, and General Pace's bigotry, is outdated, unnecessary and counter to the same American values our soldiers are giving their lives for each and every day."

(My friend, JoyZeeBoy, discusses this in his entry today too.  An excellent comment, "How demoralizing is it for the closeted gay troops under his command, quietly upholding THEIR end of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' bargain, to know that their ultimate military commander thinks that they are 'immoral'?")

Interesting that this comes at a time when we are discussing the multiple marriages and affairs of potential presidential candidates.

When you spend a lot of time arguing the rights of homosexuals, you learn a lot of things.  For one, you learn that people can't really explain their homophobia, they just know it's wrong.  Period.  My mind is made up, don't confuse me with the facts.

I came in to a discussion on Senior Net where a man was backing General Pace's statement by saying:

Now, how many of you wonderful people have ever served in the cramped close quarters of a ship or submarine? How many of you have ever used a “community shower” wherein there is one space with 6-8 showerheads. How many of you have ever taken a shower in a community shower with a person of the opposite sex? Now how many of you will allow your young granddaughter to go on a camping trip supervised by a young heterosexual male? I am not saying a homosexual is a deviate but I am saying you don’t entice a person be they a heterosexual with a person of the opposite sex nor do you entice a homosexual with a person of the same sex…………

He is backed up by a woman who says:

I know at my daughter's gym the younger women are not happy undressing in front of known lesbian women. They say it's like undressing in front of a male. I can sympathize with that. I would say that those who are attracted to their own sex are not above perving. If you say this is not true you are totally living with your head in the clouds.

The thing about people like this, I have discovered over the years, is that they are incapable of dialog on this issue.  When backed into a corner and asked specific questions, they disappear.

I asked the man quoted above this question:

I have a question for you and I do mean this seriously and not any judgment or condemnation of you. I hear the kind of comment you make all the time about gays in the military. Can you please tell me what exactly frightens you about serving with a gay man? Why would it be so terrible to shower with a gay man? Do you think it automatically means that man is going to attempt to rape you?

He responded:

It is the same thought behind all the rules governing sexual harassment in the workplace…………Why the need for all the rules? Everyone knows harassment of that nature is not to be… Should we do away with the rules?…… Don’t ask is a rule and your friend followed the rules and was left alone………….Take away the sexual harassment rules in the workplace and what will occur?……….. I gave an example using young men and girls and all that came about was “yes, but”……….. The main thing that people like to forget in their rush for political correctness is a homosexual has the same feelings toward a member of the same sex as a heterosexual has toward members of the opposite sex………They (homosexuals) are human but many in their political correctness view think they are superhuman…..

Huh?  When I pushed again as to why he personally felt threatened by the presence of a gay man, he stopped answering questions.  He dropped out of the discussion entirely. This happens over and over again.  All they know is that they are terrified, but they can't give a logical reason why.  (Because there is no logical reason, I suspect!)

As I pointed out, if a guy wanted to meet another man, he could certainly find an easier, more pleasant way to do it than signing up for a hitch in the military where he would be outnumbered by straight guys in top physical condition who could beat him to a bloody pulp; where he could risk being killed in combat; where he could be imprisoned if he made a move on another soldier.

I hope people check out some of the "10 Couples" videos listed under "Look at these videos."  It kind of ties into this whole thing, a "reality show" look at gay couples, where you discover they are not so different from straight couples, just as gay people are not so different from straight people, and are just as capable of self-restraint as most people, and probably more capable of self-restraint than people like some of the current crop of presidential candidates.



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