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13 March 2007

I remember a couple of years ago when Marn was looking for suggestions for music for her mp3 player to keep her going longer in her workouts.

I knew that would never be anything I'd be asking because I'm more inclined to move to a Perry Como or Bing Crosby beat.  Crooners, not designed to get the blood moving.

Walt is bound and determined to get me moving, whether I want to or not.  (And, let's be honest, there is no time when "I want" to get moving!)

I can almost certainly count on his suggesting that we go to the gym on Sunday afternoon.  I can't come up with a good excuse to say no, so I drag myself out to the car, hating every moment of it.

I'm not sure if what I hate is being at the gym or getting out of the house, which involves putting on shoes, which I hate to wear (I wear Birkinstocks or slippers around the house).  Actually, once I've committed to going and have gotten my shoes on and we are actually walking in the door of the gym, it's not all that bad.  It's getting past that "I don't wanna go to the gym" that kills me.

I still can't do the exercise bike, dammit.  That used to be my machine of choice, but my knee doesn't like it any more.  It's almost impossible for me to even get on the machine and then 2 minutes and my knee is giving me fits, so I just don't even try it any more.

But I can do the treadmill.  Treadmill is easier than walking on hard concrete, and you can watch TV while you do it.  The heck with this communing with nature stuff when you can watch CNN or The History of Sex on the History Channel.

In the old days when I went to the gym every morning, it was your bargain basement gym.  We had a handful of machines and that was it.  People were limited to 15 minutes on the treadmill because there were so few of them. Now the guy who ran that gym has a more modern place with lots and lots of machines, fans, and your choice of 3 different televisions to watch while you exercise.

I usually plug in to one of the television sets and watch, of all things, The Food Channel.  It always strikes me as very odd that you can get on a machine and begin sweating while you're watching Paula Deen ladle butter and cream and sugar into a mixing bowl and then top her creation with real whipped cream and hot fudge.  Heck, you could gain weight just from watching television.

Now that I have this snazzy new iPod, I decided to take it with me today.  I figured I had some podcasts I could listen to while I sauntered along at crooner speed on the treadmill. 

Somehow, though, a podcast didn't seem to do it for me.  I decided to try music.  I put on the music from a CD that Peggy made for me years ago.  It was a mix of slow and fast music.  I found I was starting to get into the beat of the music, and skipping the slower numbers to get to the faster ones.

By the time I was really into the thing, I had the treadmill up to 2.5 mph.  Now I realize that for all those athletes out there (and for the show-off young cutie jogging on the machine next to me while she drank from her water bottle and produced copious amounts of sweat), 2.5 mph is practically standing still, but 2.5 mph is much faster than I've had the treadmill speed for a long time, and it was completely due to the fact that I was walking to the beat of the music.

For the first time in a very long time I walked more than a mile in half an hour.  Not much more than a mile, but definitely more than a mile. I usually quit at about .8 of a mile.

I felt better when we left (not good enough to decide to go back the next morning, of course...and next Sunday I'll hate it just as much as I did yesterday), and so I came home all inspired to make a playlist for the gym.  I have lots and lots of music on the iPod and while the selection from which I had to choose (heavy on the original cast recording CDs!) was not exactly the sort of thing that Marn was looking for, I did find several pieces with an escalating beat and I'll see how it all works when we go back again.  Maybe I'll get up over 2.5 mph next time.

I'm getting into the whole iPod thing.  It's as bad as having a DVR.  Now not only am I backed up on things to watch on television, I'm also backed up on things to listen to on my iPod.  I've discovered a whole host of fun things that you can get free, many of the podcasts lasting 30-60 minutes.  It was great when I was commuting back and forth from my mother's but I just listened enough to get hooked and now I'm home without "structured" time to catch up on podcasts.

I'll tell ya, life was easier before modern technology.  (I know Jeri will agree with me.)  But I'm sure having fun playing with all the new toys.

I do have a question for all the iPod gurus out there.  I've checked the on-line manual and can't find the answer.  If a podcast has been accidentally deleted from your iPod (because you synced when you didn't meant to and had only listened to half of it before you did), is there any way to get it back?  I've tried moving it back from my podcast library to my iPod.  It shows that it's moving but when I go to look for it, it's not there....or if it is, I can't find it.



Jim and Steve on the occasion of their 100th performance of
"The Big Voice" in New York.  They are leaving the show
and it has been recast with new actors.

(for those on the notify list, I couldn't get the original photo to work,
so I substituted this one instead)


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