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6 March 2007

Just what I need:  another obsession!

I don't know how I found it, but I stumbled over Fun Trivia Quizzes some time ago.  It's a literally endless supply of trivia quizzes on just about any subject you can possibly imagine. 

I think I found the site because I wanted to translate my editor's Christmas quiz about Santa into an on-line quiz.  But I discovered that you can't create a quiz until you've played a certain number of quizzes.  By the time I'd reached that point, Christmas was past, so the Santa quiz was no longer applicable, but I was, I must confess, hooked on trivia.

My stats tell me that to date I have taken 306 quizzes, answered 2,291 questions correctly.  My accuracy is  64.2% which ranks me at 18,980 out of 566,996.  It's been a real lesson in humility, discovering how little I know!  (I'm ranked neophyte and in that class I do a little better, ranking #188 out of 10,000.)

The variety of subjects boggles the mind.  The screen I'm looking at right now (it will change in seconds) contains the following quizzes:

  • New York Islanders

  • A NFL Season

  • Anne of Cleves

  • Unusual US Towns

  • Eating Places

  • Mustangs

  • "Lord of the Rings" Monopoly

  • Basic Medical Terminology

I do great on, say, Gilbert & Sullivan questions.  I got 100% on a quiz about Stan Freberg's "History of the United States of America" (a quiz rated "very difficult," by the way).  But boy, I did terrible on a quiz about San Francisco, which had the effrontery to base most of its questions on directions (north, south, east, west).  You don't do directions in San Francisco!  It also asked about zip codes.  When I was growing up, we were so poor we didn't have zip codes!  I did terrible on that quiz.  I did better on a San Francisco quiz created by a tourist.  That I could answer!

I tried a quiz on "Cross," the James Patterson book I just finished reading and only got half the questions right (which shows how much attention to detail I pay when I'm reading).  I also tried a quiz on the "Cat who..." books, but I haven't read enough of them to really do justice to a quiz.

Some of the medical quizzes I can answer, some are way too advanced for me.  I like the TV quizzes, but don't watch TV closely enough to pick up the subtle nuances that one needs to know in order to qualify as "trivia."  If it's obvious, it obviously isn't trivial.

I finally decided to make a quiz of my own and began with one about "A Star Is Born."  It hasn't been approved yet, but I started out getting in trouble for adding a bit of additional trivia that I copied from Wikipedia in one question.  Apparently they are very big on plagiarism and I got my wrist slapped.  But the quiz is now finished, without plagiarism, and awaiting approval.

I had such fun creating that, I checked the available quizzes and discovered nobody had ever written a quiz on "The Trouble with Tribbles."  So I made one of those too (it helps that I have a copy of David Gerrold's book about the writing of the script.)

Then, just to see if it would pass the censors (and to give the show some publicity), I created a quiz about "The Big Voice: God or Merman."

All three quizzes are now awaiting approval and I won't create another one until those are approved, but my mind is already racing to think of new topics on which I can create new quizzes.

I am always able to find new and creative ways to waste time.  Now I can add "trivia" to the growing list.




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