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4 March 2007

We went to see Man of La Mancha last night.  It was a delightful production, using lifesize puppets for the fantasy portion of the play.  A week or so ago, I had interviewed the director, Art Grueneberger, for a feature article that appeared in the paper this week.  I made a video, not exactly of the interview, but of getting there, ending with a teaser about the show itself.

I'm getting better about interviews.  I used to become totally terrified of doing them.  I don't know why.  When we wrote the two Lamplighter histories, I certainly conducted my share of interviews  (more than 50) so I know how I do it best.  But I'm always afraid I'm going to look like an idiot, like I don't have a clue what I'm talking about.  And sometimes that's really the case.

However, I've discovered that if you get someone started talking and just let them continue, there's pretty much your whole interview.  People like to talk about themselves, especially when it's for publicity for their pet project.  And with one exception, everybody I've interviewed has been just delightful (the one exception was just busy and not as interested in being interviewed as everyone else is).

This interview, however, was more fun than most.  Grueneberger is younger than my kids and it sounds like he grew up a show biz kid like our kids did.  By that I mean he did his share of endless theatrical productions in the living room for Mom and Dad.  I found him delightful to talk with and then when I stayed afterwards for a rehearsal of Act 1 and was blown away by the whole presentation.

So it was delightful to discover that the final production, on an incredible set, lived up to the promise of the interview and rehearsal.

This afternoon, we went to Petco to see Rudolph and Dancer (Rudy and Lily) for the first time since they left here.  They're huge!  It's hard to believe that they fit in the palm of my hand the day I brought them home from Sacramento.

We try to see as many of "our puppies" as we can when they go up for adoption, to see how big they've grown since they left us.  I always think they recognize us because they always get excited when we come around, but then puppies get excited when anybody pays attention, so who really knows?  However, there was no question about Rudy and Lily.  There were five puppies in the pen and the other three hardly noticed us.  Rudy's and Lily's tails started wagging a mile a minute the second I called them, Rudy leapt at the fence and grabbed my fingers like he always did.  He was too big to pick up, but I picked Lily up.  She licked and licked and licked me and then I gave her to Walt so I could take a picture.  She immediately went for his beard, the way she always did.  We stood at the fence for quite awhile and those two kept coming back and climbing the fence for a bit of loving and the other three didn't even know we were there.

That's kind of neat.

When we got home, Lizzie wouldn't stop sniffing me.  She sniffed every inch of my shirt and pants, would go away and then come back and jump on me again and sniff me all over again.  She seemed to want to know why I didn't bring her old playmate home with me.

In the evening, we had dinner at the restaurant owned by our Mexican daughter Marie and her husband.  They always feed us waaaay too much, and then send us home with lots of leftovers, a pizza, and a bottle of wine.

This year Marie wasn't as rushed as she was last year and so we had an opportunity to sit and visit.

(wouldn't you know I left the camera at home, so had to use the cell phone to take any photo at all. and of course it was much too dark to get anything halfway decent)

Marie is very excited about her friend, an artist from Argentina named Ana Candioti, who has painted several huge portraits for the walls of the restaurant.  This one was new and I particularly liked it:

And this is a portrait of Marie's father, who died when she was a child

Marie is looking to get her friend some commissions, so anybody who likes what you see here, or on her web site, contact her!


Dancer (Lily)- remembers Walt's chin


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