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28 June 2007

Today there is nothing to report about sights I have seen, places I've been, people I've met, or gourmet meals I have eaten.

It's lovely!

It was lovely to fall asleep almost instantly, as soon as we arrived home (at 2:30 a.m.) and to sleep until I woke up without a single back twinge (or a single dog whine or bark either!). 

(a re-creation!)

It was lovely to get up to French roast coffee (OK--I had to make it myself, and Earl wasn't there to give me muffins on a silver tray, but that's OK).

I did drag myself out of the house around 9:30 to go to the kennel to get the dogs, who seemed to be thrilled to see me.  Lizzie proved herself Houdini again by getting out of her car harness and neither Walt nor I can figure out how she did it without opening any of the hooks and while still wearing the harness firmly attached to her body. 

But I was driving along the freeway and realized that she was about 1/3 out the back window, which I roll down far enough that Sheila can sniff, but can't get her head through.  I tried calling her and tried raising the window and succeeded only in trapping her head with the window.  She was in the back seat, on my right side and that is my "bad" eye, so I couldn't see clearly what was going on--and I was trying to avoid the big truck behind me anyway.  I was afraid to lower the window for fear she'd leap out onto the freeway, but thought that she was flailing around, trapped in the window itself.

She finally got back in and I rolled up the window and the rest of the trip went uneventfully, except that we can't figure out how she did escaped in the first place.

The dogs seemed thrilled to be home and we quickly settled back into the old routine.  Not surprising, since we were only gone five days, but it seems like forever when I think about all that we did.

I spent the day getting caught up on Internet stuff -- answering e-mail, uploading photos to Flickr, reading Facebook messages, posting a Travelogue, writing reviews for the three books I read while we were gone (it would have been four if the book stores in the Milwaukee hadn't been closed!), finishing my feature article about Sacramento's Music Circus (which will appear in the paper next week), writing a review of the Maxwell Inn, trying to find space on the fridge for the new souvenir magnets, and periodically meandering into the kitchen to look for something to eat.

After a week of gourmet meals, my day today has consisted of oatmeal, cherry tomatoes, ice cream, and roasted peanuts, none of which (except the oatmeal) was eaten as a real "meal," but only when the spirit moved me.  I haven't felt stuffed all day, which is really kind of nice.

I also started checking out the TV programs that were added to the DVR in my absence.  I told Walt when we were sitting in the Milwaukee airport with CNN on that I suddenly realized I hadn't seen a news program since we left home.  I hadn't heard that Paris Hilton was a free woman (the world heaves a sigh of relief...).  I didn't know what dumb stuff GW had done.  I didn't even realize that the time was already here for Tony Blair's retirement. 

That's the nice thing about going on vacation.  You get away from all the stuff that you deal with, on some level or other, every single day.

I remember when we went to the highlands of Yosemite with the kids and camped where there was no access to anything.  We went into the little store to get supplies one morning and that's when we learned that Nixon had resigned the day before!

Walt went off to SF this evening to see Der Rosenkavelier. I stayed home to continue getting caught up on DVR recorded stuff and see about getting maybe a couple of videos made from our trip.  That and getting to sleep at a decent hour tonight.


The road to the top of Horseshoe Falls


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