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25 June 2007

This is not the B&B for carbohydrate counters!  I was so stoned on carbs this morning that I forgot to take pictures of most of the dishes, but our in-room wake-up treat was coffee and sticky buns.  Then in the sun room the first course was homemade hot bread with local jams, then an asparagus quiche with a cracker and mushroom crust.  That was followed by lemon pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup and followed that with a poached apple with walnuts and raspberry sauce.

All absolutely delicious, but I can hardly move at the moment!

Throughout our married life, we have rarely stayed at B&Bs, but are doing it more now (we stayed at a few in the UK, for example).  The Maxfield Inn has been such a delight.  The owners are so gregarious and eager to share information about their pets, the inn's history, the behind the scenes about the gourmet meals that Linda cooks, and interesting facts about the area here.  It's been so much fun just to talk with the two of them.

But then our fellow guests have been great.  I bonded right off with Elyse and her dog Darby.  She seems to share my offbeat sense of humor and I like her a lot.  We were the only ones here yesterday and we thoroughly enjoyed joking with her over breakfast.

She ate late today, though, waiting for her friends to join her.  Instead we had a couple who, as it turned out, lived for several years in Davis, just a few blocks from us.  They left 10 years ago, but we know the same places, same people, same jokes about living in Davis.  And then there is the couple from Michigan. The guy served in the Air Force at about the time Walt was in the AF Reserve, on the same base, so we had things in common with them too.

Kind of makes you want to just hang around and chat all day!  And if human companionship isn't enough, the weather is just perfect for sitting in the line of rocking chairs on the front porch and watching the world go by!

I'm sleeping surprisingly well.  The bed, as usual, doesn't work.  I try, but I can only last a few hours.  But in our "sitting room" are two massage chairs.  Last night I climbed into one, set it for a heat massage of my lower back, covered myself with a "throw" from one of the chairs and a big bathrobe (provided) to keep warm, and was asleep before the 20 minute massage ended.  I was amazed that it was after 7 a.m. when I woke up.

We had a quiet day today.  After we could move again, following that huge breakfast, we got back in our little rental car and drove over to Canandaigua to Joe and Shirley's house, where several of the long distance travelers were meeting to continue the celebration.

We just sat in their screened-in porch and talked about just about everything.  At some point, Shirley's daughter, who had hosted last night's party, called and when she found out how many of us were there, she packed up a huge bag of leftovers, and so we had a repeat of party food and some more of that great Imagine-Moore wine.

It was still light when we returned here to the B&B, but just barely, and it's now dark and time for me to get this posted and try to get some sleep.  Tomorrow we will be sleeping at a Holiday Inn on the Canadian side of Niagra Falls. I expect that breakfast on Tuesday is going to pale badly in comparison to the lovely breakfasts we have had here...but at least we get one more before we have to leave!


Don't let anyone tell you I'm off my rocker



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