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23 June 2007

When Walt told me that we were near the place where Jello was invented and that there was a museum...well...really!  How could we not go there?

Sometimes we just don't think about these things that we've known all our lives. Whoever got the idea for Jello?  Well, I'm about to tell you.  In 1897, a Leroy (name of the town) carpenter named Pearle Wait was making laxatives and cough syrup in his home and for reasons that aren't exactly clear, he experimented with gelatin and came up with a fruit-flavored dessert that his wife called Jell-o, because it was kind of like jelly. 

He tried to make a success of the product, but could not, so two years later he sold the whole thing to Orator Frank Woodward for the whopping sum of $450.  Woodward wasn't any more successful than Wait at marketing the product, so he turned the business over to a guy named Sam Nico for $35.  This guy knew how to sell it and by 1902, the company had sold some $250,000 worth of Jello.

If you want to know more, you'll have to go to Leroy, NY (or Google it) and get the full story, but what a fun little museum and what a huge trip down memory lane!  The video clips of the advertising thru the years were fun.  I remembered most of those commercials!

This is the kind of exciting stuff we've done today.  We started out in Buffalo driving around, running errands and finding this wonderful sign...

This may rhyme with "Antigone," but I think "am I gone?" is a wonderful question to ask at a funeral home!

Then we wended our way, ever onward, toward Naples, our final destination.  In Batavia, we learned how to cross streets with a stoplight

But the highlight was, of course. the Jello Museum.  After we left there, we had lunch in Leroy at a reconverted train station, where I ordered the chicken pot pie (the smaller "Senior size", which advertised the flakiest crust in the world and I am a HUGE pie crust aficionado.   All I can say is that it may have started out flaky, but after they nuked it in the microwave, it had all the "flake" of a hockey puck and was very disappointing, tho the contents of the pie itself were pretty tasty.

We continued on, through rolling green countryside with billboards advertising tractors (you don't see those in Davis!) and quaint barns with attached silos.

We finally arrived here at the Maxfield Inn, a B&B in Naples.

This is an absolutely delightful place, beautifully furnished, with a long history dating back to the middle 1800s.  There is, for example, the remains of a tunnel in the back yard which was part of the Underground Railroad and connected this building with several others in the neighborhood. 

The owners, Linda and Earl, are lovely, gracious people who have a couple of birds (that's "Baby" on the right) and a German Shepherd who matches Sheila for energy level, so fills the "dog gap" that I have when I'm away from home.

This is, then, a pet-friendly B&B and there is a woman from Ohio here with a lovely dog named Darby, so the place is crawling and flying with wildlife and I'm absolutely loving it.

We walked the streets of Naples for a bit after we settled into our suite (two rooms with a bathroom in between) and then returned by 6 p.m. for the nightly cheese and wine tasting in the dining room.

Then we staggered next door to Luigi's, which was reported to have the best hamburgers in the world and macaroni salad "to die for."  The food was quite good, but I could hardly make a dent in mine and left most of it (I did eat the meat however).

We finished off the night with a nice chat with Earl, then I set up my computer on the dining room table, now cleared of wine and cheese, and when Elyse, the woman from Ohio came in, we talked dogs and I showed her pix of the puppies and my "leaping Lizzie" video.

I'm now going to crawl upstairs and get some sleep.  Morning will come early and there is a four course breakfast promised!

My Stewart/Colbert shirt continues to get comment.  The woman from Ohio commented that there were "liberals in the house" and a waitress at the restaurant said she loved it.  Of course it now needs washing, so I won't be wearing it again until we get home.




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