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22 June 2007

Things were going so well and then Front Page and all my wonderful plans for design while we were gone disappeared. It's midnight, so I'm not going to deal with it tonight. I'll just write in code the way I used to do all the time.

The day started early--some time around 4:30, when I couldn't sleep. Not a good thing since I didn't get to bed until after midnight and had trouble falling asleep. Something about that last minute packing, I think!

I finished packing and got the dogs to the kennel. We put Lizzie in her new car harness, which stayed attached for about 10 minutes. By the time I was halfway to the place, she was already pacing back and forth across the back seat.

The airporter came to pick us up and we drove off...that's when I thought I'd left the camera at home. Walt raced back inside, but couldn't find it, and I realized it was under my feet all the time.

No problems at the airport except one funny moment. I had worn my new t-shirt (see "Photo of the Day") and as I was walking through the metal detector, the screener gave a shriek and gave me a hug and told me she LOVED my shirt! When we walked on the plane, someone else stopped me and complimented me on the shirt, and when we checked in here at the hotel tonight, the desk clerk asked where he could order one. So I guess my attire (and political statement) was a big hit!

We are flying Northwest this time and though we have had terrible experiences with this airline before, everything went great this time, including being able to buckle the seatbelt without have to ask for a belt extension!

When we were sitting in the airport in Minneapolis, waiting for our next plane, and I looked around at the girth on many of the Minnesota people around me, I figured that, as Minneapolis is a hub city for Northwest, it behooved them to make their belts a little longer!

I had lots of toys to keep me busy, and finally was able to watch a one-hour interview of Robin Williams by David Steinberg, which was, needlessto say, hilarious.

Remember how we used to joke about the terrible airplane meals that were too greasy or too cold or too small? At least they came on trays, on plates, with (if you remember back that far) real silverware!

This is what you pay $5 for on Northwest:

That would be two small packages of crackers, two packages of something called "Cheese Food, Swiss type," a roll of inedible beef stick, some cookies and some trail mix. With the possible exception of the cashews in the trail mix, nothing whatsoever nutritious...and even I didn't like it!

But we managed to get to Buffalo without incident. I had been so conscientious before we left home and chose a lovely selection of things to play on the CD player of the rental car. I even remembered to bring all the CDs...and then discovered that we have no CD player in the car. Sigh. Owell...I'll play them when we go to Santa Barbara next week.

So I think I'm going to try to get some sleep. We have two beds and a couch so surely there is SOME way I can sleep comfortably tonight!




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