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21 June 2007

I can't really find anything akin to M-I-C-K-E-Y
M-O-U-S-E to apply to the puppies, but it is time to say goodbye to these little guys.

It's amazing how much they have grown in a little over a month

I look, especially, at how long the legs have gotten in that short period of time.  The head size isn't THAT much different, but the legs look like they belong to different well as the body length.

They are moving to an interim foster home until it's time to find a "forever home."  I would keep them, but we are leaving at the crack of dawn to fly to New York.  I will be out at the kennel at 8:30, dropping Sheila and Lizzie off and racing back here to meet the airport shuttle.

We're only going to be gone for essentially a long weekend, but when we get back it will only be for a few days and then off to Santa Barbara for Tom's annual barbeque, so it's just as well that Tipper, Crystal and Ruby settle in with a new family and not be shunted back and forth. 

They are going to make some families beautiful pets.  This is one of the nicest, sweetest, most mellow of groups we've had.  They kind of rank with the "Rainbow Puppies," that we had in the fall.

Tipper discovered she loved orange juice, believe it or not!

What's odd about these puppies, however, is how Lizzie responded to them.  This is the third or fourth litter of puppies we've had since Lizzie joined the family.  She became the Mom to all of the little guys we had.  Some of my favorite pictures of her are of her lying on her back, with puppies all over her, or having a tug-of-war with one of the puppies who had just learned how to grab a rope or a piece of cloth.

Lizzie with 2 of the Rainbow pupppies

Oddly enough, Lizzie seems to have hated these puppies.  She never tried to hurt them, but she didn't want a thing to do with them and whenever they came near her she growled at them.  I don't know why.  She seemed genuinely sad for a couple of days when each of the other groups left, but this group she just has not bonded with at all.

Maybe she thought they were vicious...

(Isn't that funny?  I was trying to get one last
"group portrait")

But how could she not love such sweet faces?

Anyway, another chapter is closed.  When we next see them, they will be big "dogs" (or "dogettes") and all ready to find forever homes.

Now Lizzie and Sheila can have a puppy break before we find another batch in need of a mom.

To the very end, the puppies still liked to nurse
on my fingers.

NOTE:  For the next several days, I don't know when entries will be posted, since I don't know when I'll find internet access.


Tipper - Ruby - Crystal


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