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20 June 2007

When Cousins Day #3 was over, it was decided that I would be the one to bring the drinks for Cousins Day #4.  Kathy had made her appletinis twice, Peach had tried Oprah Winfrey's lemontinis, which were good, but definitely made us pucker.  It was my turn.

I decided to buy raspberry vodka and then try to find a recipe for raspberry martini.  Missbhavens, a former bartender, send me a great one that included Chambourd which, I discovered, was 'only' $22 a bottle.  Well, we are nothing if not cheap drunks.  I couldn't see spending $22.  But the other recipes I found called for ingredients I couldn't find, so I decided I'd have to experiment.

I went to the liquor department of the local supermarket (you can buy booze in supermarkets in California) and found some VanGogh chocolate liqueur, which was clear (not brown) and only cost $6+.  Then for a splash of color, I picked up a bottle of raspberry syrup.  I came home to experiment.

I decided on 3 parts vodka to 1 part liqueur and a splash of syrup, so I mixed 1 Tbsp of vodka with 1 tsp of liqueur and a drop or two of syrup.  I tasted and and decided that, when you shook it all up in a cocktail shaker with lots of ice it would cut the strength of it a bit and it would be a real winner.

After a less than profitable afternoon of playing "65" with the three card sharks who took most of my money (what was left they took this morning), it was time for me to unveil my rasptini.  I mixed it up, poured it in glasses and added a couple of raspberries for garnish.  Despite the look on Kathy's face, it was pronounced dee-licious!!!

In fact, it was so good that after the third one, when I was almost out of raspberry vodka, they assured me that regular vodka with a bit more syrup would do just as fine and...after all...I did still have raspeberries left over, after all (and raspberries are nutritious...full of fiber, right?).  So we had four of them.  Needless to say, much hilarity ensued.

We had such a good time that I took NO video and only a few pictures, most of which were food-related, like Kathy's beautiful dinner.

We have decided, the four of us, that Cousins Day was the very best thing to come out of my mother's accident.  It is a place to laugh, a place to cry, a place to feel safe, a place to play cards, to reminisce, a place to hear family history so that it can be past along to the next generation.

We also decided that this has to be a closed circle.  Initially we thought how nice it would be if other cousins could join us when they were around, but that happened last time and while it was fun to have her there, she was really the "guest."  The four of us have settled into a real support group and a social group for each other and we don't want to change that.  If other cousins are free, we'll have another cousins day, an extra day, but our monthly cousins days are now, we decided, sacrosanct.

I can't believe how close we four have become to each other over the past few months.  We've known each other all of our lives and yet more bonding has gone on in the past few months than we've ever had before.

Kath's husband thinks that it's wonderful that the three of us are giving up time to entertain my mother.  He doesn't realize that the three of us get as much, if not more, out of it than my mother does.  Peach's husband says that no matter what, we absolutely, positively cannot give up Cousins Day because he sees that as vitally important for all of us.

So we are looking forward to our next one.  Each month, I dutifully fill my little plastic bag with coins, convinced that this time I'll win that damn "65" card game and each month I lose a whopping $2.50 or something like that.  But next month I'll fill the bag again, it will be my turn to provide dinner and Kathy's turn to bring appletinis again.  We'll laugh, maybe we'll cry, we'll share secrets, hopes, dreams and frustrations, and we'll have a lot of fun again.

I absolutely love Cousins Day!


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