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19 June 2007

I found this meme some time ago.  I can't remember when or where, but with all this family togetherness, I thought I'd do it so I can cross it off of my list of "things to write about some day."

1. who's the oldest living member of your family?

My mother.  She has lived longer than all but one of her siblings, as well as both of her parents.  My Aunt Marie was in her early 90s when she died, so my mother, at 87, has a few years to go before she can claim to have outlived them all, but she is definitely the oldest living relative.

2. who's the newest?

Gosh.  I have no idea.  The problem with this family is that it's huge.  There were 10 children in my mother's family, and I had 32 cousins (some of whom have already died) -- that I know about!  When you start adding their children and their children's children and the distance between all of us and the fact that we only see (some of) them at the yearly family reunion, you just can't keep track.  Also, my father didn't really like my mother's family so I don't really have a shared history with most of them, except for Kathy and Peach and, less closely, a couple of others.

3. if you could spend a two-week vacation with one family member, who would it be?

Well, I have spent two week vacations with my mother and enjoyed it very much and in 2008, we will be taking a  vacation to Washington, DC with Kathy and Peach and their husbands, so I guess that's the answer.  (We will travel to DC on the train, stay in DC for 2 weeks, and fly home.)

4. the old saying goes, "you can pick your friends, but you cannot pick your family." if you could choose one of your friends, who would you 'elect' to become a member of your family?

Hmmm...  Probably Char because we are so much alike and, having her own crazy family, she would fit in just fine.

5. who in your family can you just NOT stand?

There's nobody I can't stand.  There are people I don't particularly like very much, one dour cousin in particular coming to mind. 

It's funny about how I always think of "family" as being my mother's family.  My father was an only child, so the only people on his side of the family I knew were my grandparents and I was not very fond of my grandmother, but she's been dead a very long time.

6. do you have a member of the family who is currently suffering an illness?

Barb, of course, whose Alzheimer's has now progressed so far that she doesn't recognize anybody any more and when you go to visit, she tells you to leave.  All of the other siblings died of smoking-related illnesses, as did my cousin Shirley, who died two years ago, and perhaps others, and Cathy suffers from COPD.  It's why I've never smoked.

7. do you have a family member that you've lost contact with? who are they, and why do you not currently have contact?

How much time do you have!  It's not so much that I've lost contact with family members, more like I never had it in the first place.  As I said, I stay in contact with Peach and Kathy and, to a lesser degree, with Kathy's sister, but I don't really have any contact at all with all the rest of the hoard, other than at the yearly family reunion.

I have tried, from time to time, to get some sort of interaction going with some of them, but it never works.  Everybody is busy with his or her life and there are some of the cousins who, for one reason or another, want nothing to do with the family at all.

8. do you have any famous family members?

For famous family members, you have to look to my father's side of the family.  Over the years, I have mentioned several of them.  My grandparents met while performers in vaudeville, where my grandfather was quite well known and almost had a recording contract (tho my grandmother wouldn't let him go to New York to follow through with it). 

One of his brothers was a champion 6-day bicycle racer.  Uncle Fred was my godfather and it's interesting to go through the family scrapbooks and see the headlines about his various titles, because he ended his days living in a rented room (for decades) and supporting himself by selling vacuum cleaners door to door.  You'd never think that in his youth, he made national headlines and was a sporting champion many times over.

Another brother (whom I never met) came within one fight of being featherweight boxing champion (I don't know of what).  Apparently an injury kept him out of the finals.  I have found passing references to him on the Internet, though his career was in the early 1900s.

If you don't count the fabulous band Lawsuit, I don't know if anybody since my grandparents' generation achieved any sort of "fame."

* * *

This seemed an appropriate entry for today because I will soon be picked up by Peach and Kathy for Cousins Day again--these things roll around very quickly, don't they?!  (Actually, this one is early because we all have plans toward the end of the month).

So tomorrow's entry, like last time, will be posted late.  Don't anybody panic.




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