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16 June 2007

When I write the story of our family (which I guess this journal really is, isn't it?), I will have to call 2007 "The year of falling apart."

It's not only us, but it seems that most people I know are dealing with some sort of crisis or other. 

Here we are mid-year and the family crises continue.

To recap, we started the year with my mother's January 6 accident and the weeks of recovery that followed.  The period had its ups and downs--more ups for me and downs for her and just as she was getting back on her feet, literally, Walt's mother began having problems.

I've lost track of the time frame and everything that has gone wrong, but basically her spine seems to be disintegrating, with small fractures in several disks, requiring somewhat minor surgical intervention, but that comes with time in the convalescent hospital and that is never a picnic (as I learned more clearly during my own mother's 2 weeks in one).

Walt has been commuting back and forth to Santa Barbara.  I believe he has made four trips in the past two months.  His mother is doing ok for a 93 year old woman who is blind and in almost constant pain.  And now they have diagnosed he with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease --COPD (She smoked for many, many years) and she will be on oxygen for the rest of her life.

The bathroom flood occurred during one of those trips to Santa Barbara, which resulted in taking out the toilet, chopping a huge hole in the hedge in front of the house, and installing a new pipeline.

While I was dealing with the bathroom crisis I was also trying to get the computer viruses under control and went through that whole couple of weeks of hell.

As the hot temperatures have begun to descend (or, more appropriately, ascend) on us, we have learned that (a) the air conditioning in the car is not working.  It's been spotty for months, but now it just hardly even tries.  If we get 3 minutes of actual cool air, it's a miracle.  And (b) the air conditioning in the house has gone out as well.  It's been pushing 100 this week and though this house, by virtue of the fact that it is 2 stories, stays cooler than many houses around here, it does heat up and it has been bloody hot this week.  It's been so hot the puppies have spent most of their time in the closet, coming out for brief bursts of energy and to eat, but mostly just lying limp in the dark of the closet.

The a/c guy was supposed to come today, which is to be the hottest day of the week, but he can't come until tomorrow.  I predict a lot of slow activity performed in front of fans (and a nice evening in an air-conditioned theatre).

But worst of all (so far) in our "year of falling apart," is the death of BooBoo.  Ned came home yesterday and found her lying in the yard panting and motionless.  Ned says, "I took her to the vet where they determined very little, but the most likely cause is that she had a stroke. BooBoo has had seizures all her life and has been on medication to control it for many years. For whatever reason, tonight she popped.

After several tests, xrays and an ultrasound, we decided to put her down. It went very quickly and appeared quite painless.

Her timing couldn't be better, as she had eaten the last of her dog food this morning (and threw it up a little while later). So not only do we not have to make any more dog food for the time being, we don't have to throw any away either. Waste not, little girl."

He also adds, "Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that BooBoo is finally back with Yogi where she really belongs; she's been pretty lonely this past year. Marta and I are both fine. I imagine it won't be too long before we go ahead and
get a puppy... but don't get pushy about it, mom."

I don't know what the next six months have in store for us, but I sure hope that they are better than the first six have been.

P.S.  Things are already looking up.  The a/c man did make it out after all and we now have cool air again.




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