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14 June 2007

I stumbled across this contest in J's Thoughts and Musings

The challenge is "Write a limerick about your blog. What makes you unique among bloggers? What do you think makes you stand out?"

I love limericks.  In fact, I wrote mine in less than a minute and I think it pretty much covers my on-line offerings:

My passion is writing in blogs
In lots of on-line monologues
Those who would read
This mountain of screed
Might say I have gone to the dogs!

Then I thought about all the other blogs that I read and decided to write limericks for some other people.  See how many you can identify (answers at the end) ... and check 'em out if you haven't read them before.

This blog never makes me feel down
Or causes my forehead to frown
There's int'resting stuff
And sometimes some fluff
A day in the life of a clown (1)

This young sailor guzzled his grog
(In fact, was a bit of a hog)
We now celebrate
That he got himself straight
(well...sort of...)
And now shares his thoughts in a blog (2)

His head is slightly inflated
With all the stuff he's created
From lyric to tune
(Tho sometimes jejune)
Fame comes just slightly belated. (3)

To read him it's surely no myst'ry
Why he is part of blog hist'ry
Bridges and beaches
intelligent speeches
And sometimes toes which are blist'ry. (4)

This super-gal is the most-a
Tho lately there's seldom a post-a
She's up to her knees
In rocks, dirt and trees
Tending her beloved hosta. (5)

I'm sure that he knows I'm a hack
So I hope he won't give me a smack
He's the real poet
Even I know it
I'm just a poetical quack. (6)

He must feel he's drowning in books
A pleasure, the way that it looks
An excuse to read
is all that you need
And one of those comfortable nooks (7)

and finally

It hurts when a friend is in pain
He watches her life wax and wane
"Fuck cancer," he cries
With tears in his eyes
It's something no one can explain. (8)



Red Nose


3 Bonus Round
4 JimsJournal
5 Marn's Big Adventure
6 Journal of a Writing Man
7 Reading List
8 Nilknarf News


Ruby and Tipper in their "cave" under the playpen


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