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13 June 2007

Here's how this morning has gone:

* Woke up at 5:30.  I don't know why I woke up at 5:30, because it was after 1 a.m. before I got to sleep.  For some reason perhaps because I saw Bill Paxton interviewed yesterday morning I thought I'd check to see if HBO's Big Love, the show about a polygamous family living in Utah, was on ComCast's OnDemand.  It was.  The entire first season.  OK.  I'll just check out the first episode and see what it's like.  It's great!  But the first eight episodes were scheduled to be removed from OnDemand today.  So I sat up until 1 a.m. watching the first 7 and then recorded the last one when I finally went to sleep.

*  At 5:30, the puppies were still quiet, so I snuck into the family room, stopping en route to pick up BooBoo's pile of poop and flush it.

*  Climbed into the recliner and started to watch episode 8, but the puppies heard me and wanted out.  I let them out and they burst out of the playpen like they had been shot from a canon.  They were so full of fire and ran, lumbered, tumbled, and leaped everywhere.  They were so happy!

*  Eventually, they decided they were hungry, and all tried to climb into my lap, whining and whining and whining (note to self:  cut the toenails!  sharp claws and bare legs do NOT mix!), so I fixed their breakfast (I just love how they race to the cage to be fed), then, since BooBoo had not left my side (though it was an hour too early to feed her), I fed her as well. 

*  Got the last load of towels gathered up and in the wash you wash a lot of towels with puppies in the house.

*  The puppies ran around some more after eating.  Crystal actually tried to chase the older dogs a first (usually they try to stay out of the way when Sheila and Lizzie are chasing each other).  Tipper just wanted to be in my lap, and apparently for nothing but to be cuddled so she could go to sleep.  She is the sweetest little dog.

*  Got the puppies in the playpen for naptime.  Well, 2 of them.  Crystal snuck into the closet to sleep and I decided to leave her there.

*  Washed all the dog pee off the patio.

*  Moved towels to the dryer.

*  Tried to figure out how to feed the older dogs.  You can't put food out with the puppies around because they get into trouble trying to steal the older dogs' food while the older dogs are eating.  Sheila and Lizzie don't like to eat when you first put the food down.  They like to think about it.  And they won't start eating until one of the puppies sneaks up on their food they then attack the puppies.

But you can't leave the food down with BooBoo here because she's a food-finding machine.  All she wants to do is eat and she'd eat until she explodes, if you let her.  Sheila also has decided not to come in the house to eat.  If I put her bowl down inside, in the spot where she has eaten for three years, she runs outside and sits there on the patio, staring at me and daring me to come and get her.  So I decided that would work to my advantage.  I got her food, took it outside and put it there.  Sheila ran inside and sat in the house daring me to come and get her.


*  BooBoo had by now peed all over the kitchen, so I cleaned that up.

"Who, me?"
(note puppy attached to BooBoo's backside)

*  I finally decided to just close the patio door, so BooBoo couldn't get out, leave the food outside for Sheila, who could go out the dog door if she was hungry.  I could come in to check e-mail.  Note:  I had been up for an hour and a half and hadn't even looked at the computer yet.  This is highly unusual!

*  I sat down at my computer and Sheila crawled under my left leg, then Lizzie crawled under my right leg, and then a big fight broke out because BooBoo was trying to get under my legs too, but I was out of legs.

*  I decided BooBoo had to be locked out of my office, so I got up to move her out to the family room, and in so doing, knocked over my freshly poured mug of coffee, all over my desk.

*  Found puppy poop I'd missed on the way to getting stuff to clean up the spilled coffee so got that cleaned up and another load of towels and rags into the washing machine.

*  Settled back at the computer but Tipper started to howl (a new trick).  She had been sound asleep when the other two were playing and now that they were asleep under the playpen, she realized she was alone.

*  Got Tipper up, which woke the other two up.  They had a wonderful time tormenting BooBoo (who was remarkably patient with them)

*  Cleaned up puppy poop and BooBoo puddle.

*  Tipper wanted to be in my lap sucking furiously on my finger, so I let her suck while I settled back to watch the end of Big Love, Episode #9, then Tipper wanted down. 

*  Lizzie chose this moment to sail into the air and land right on top of the clean laundry, piled on one of the other recliners awaiting folding.  I yelled at her to get down.

*  I decided to finish watching the episode of Big Love.  When phone rang, I got up to answer and discovered Tipper was under the recliner and her squeals let me know I was squishing her as I lowered the footrest.  Trying to stop the recording and free the puppy while not spilling my coffee and trying to answer the phone caused a few seconds of frenzy.

*  Finally, because I have to end this entry somewhere, the garbage men came.  Sheila was outside to greet them and...well, you just have to watch the 12 second Video of the Day (in the left column here) to see what happened.  It still makes me laugh.

I do have to add one more note.  I was looking at BooBoo, who was sound asleep on the floor in front of me and suddenly she started sliding slowly backwards.  One of the puppies had grabbed her by the tail and was pulling her.

Facebook Someone invited me to join Facebook, which I did.  I'm still trying to figure it out.  Apparently there used to be a search option for the group, but it seems to no longer exist.  If you happen to have a Facebook account, feel free to send me an invite at basykes(at)



BooBoo, waiting for food
BooBoo is always waiting for food
I understand BooBoo

(for those who want more BooBoo pix, check Flickr.


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