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9 June 2007

Walt picked the right time to retire.  This year is turning out to be a very strange year for us.  People asked (as did I) what it would be like for us to be together 24/7 after his retirement, but here it is June and we have yet to have to deal with that for very long.

When the year began, my mother had her accident.  It was great that Walt was home to take care of things so I could go off and spend as much time with her as I did.  If we could remove the whole "broken ankle" factor from that period, I would say that it was a very special period in my life, having the opportunity to spend so much time with my mother, getting closer to my cousins and everything that has come out of that whole 6 week period.

No sooner did my mother get back on her feet (literally) when Walt's mother was hospitalized with a cracked disc in her spine.  They did some sort of balloon procedure on her and she spent time in a convalescent hospital (which she loves as much as my mother did, i.e., not at all).  Walt went down to help out while I stayed home and took care of things.

Since that accident, Walt's mother has gone through several other problems and I think he has gone to Santa Barbara three or four times in the past 2 months.  In fact he just left to return to Santa Barbara yesterday.

He's happy to be there to help out and I'm sure he is feeling as good as I did about having one-to-one time with his mother and to help out his sister, who has been the primary caregiver for the past couple of years.

This particular trip is a bit more tricky because Walt had volunteered to be the dog-sitter for Ned & Marta's dog.  BooBoo is old and set in her ways and they wanted someone who could stay at the house, rather than disburb BooBoo's routine.

So now I'm here with two grown dogs, three puppies, and BooBoo 20 miles away.  I'm going to pack up the puppies, and move with them to Sacramento for three days, and then commute back and forth to feed the big dogs.

The concern is that Sheila and Lizzie are going to disturb the neighbors with their barking.  We've done what we can by installing electronic "stop bark" machines and a citronella collar on Lizzie, but in the last two days those haven't seem to be working.  Sheila hates the "stop bark" high-pitched noise, but she will put up with it in order to bark.  She will bark and bark and then run in the house and whine and then run back outside again to bark.

In truth, they bark not for the sake of barking, but when there is something to bark about (there are other dogs in the neighborhood who are chronic barkers and who set everybody else off, there are dogs who dare to walk by our house, and there are probably bugs who bother them).  I have tried to contact the neighbors to explain the situation and they have been understanding.  So I can just hope that it won't be totally awful.

Walt gets back from Santa Barbara just in time for us to pack up for a quick trip back east to visit friends.  The puppies will, at that time, move on to a new home.  The little girl at the left is Annie, puppy tender extraordinaire.  Annie is always at Petco on Saturday, helping with the dogs that are being put up for adoption and she has raised several litters of puppies.  I know that Crystal, Tipper and Ruby are going to be in GREAT hands when they move on to her house.

We will be back east, returning home for a couple of days and then down to Santa Barbara again for Tom's July 4th barbeque.  Sheila and Lizzie will spend most of the latter part of June in the kennel.  And Walt and I will be spending more time together traveling than we have spent together at home since he retired!


A river somewhere in the Czech Republic
(sent by our Brasilian son, Pujol)



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