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8 June 2007

It's time for another meme and L-empress recently posted one I hadn't seen before.  (Then Mary went and posted it before I had the chance to scoop her!)

How old were you when you first went to the movie theatre? What movie did you see?

I probably don't remember the first movie I ever saw.  The first movie I remember seeing is Show Boat.  It was at the old Royal Theatre in San Francisco and my grandmother took me to see it.  I remember that we came in in the middle of the film--the scene where Magnolia and Gay have just entered the hotel room on their honeymoon.  Show Boat was released in 1951, when I would have been 8, so perhaps it was the first movie I ever saw.

It was fun going to the Royal Theatre because there was a Sees candy shop right next door and before we went into the theatre, we would stop and get some candy for the show.  I remember they had peanut butter covered in some crunchy white topping, that they don't make any more.

How old were you when you had your first child?

Jeri was born in 1966.  I was 23 years old.  (Ned was born in '67, Paul in '69, Tom in '70 and David in '72.  I just thought I'd put that in because it looks so impressive, even to ME these many years later!)

How old were you when you had your first real kiss?

I think I was 14.  I had met Bill Farrington, who was the nephew of our neighbor.  We might never have begun dating except that he was in an auto accident and, on his aunt's encouragement, I went to the hospital to visit him every day.  We started dating when he was released.  I'm sure it wasn't long after that that he kissed me for the first time, though I have no recollection of where that happened.

How old were you when you went on your first roller coaster ride? Where was it?

I only remember being on a real roller coaster once, on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz.  It was so terrifying, I didn't go again until 1981, when we had Brasilians staying with us and one of them conned me onto the roller coaster at an amusement park (now Marine World/Africa USA).  It was no better the second time.

When did you get your first cell phone?

Gosh.  I don't remember.  I want to say 3 years ago, but before I had Cingular (I now have Verizon), I had one of those pay-as-you-go phones for a couple of years and before that we had this big clunky thing.

How old were you when you got your first car?

I've never had a car all my own.  I drove my parents' car when I lived at home, had no car when I went to college, and then drove Walt's car for awhile when he was in the Air Force reserve boot camp (the car hated me).  Then we got married and the cars have been "our" cars, since we have never really had "his" and "her" cars, but just the one family car.

How old were you when you started your first job?

I did babysitting and part-time jobs, but the first full time job I had was as a secretary in the Physics Department at UC Berkeley.  I took the job because it came with my own private office.  As it turned out, it is still my favorite job.  I started being shared by the billing department and 3 professors, then when they built a new building, I left the billing department and moved to the new building with the 3 professors.  One of them retired and the other moved his office up to "the hill" so at the time I finally left the job, I was really the private secretary for Fred Reif, who remains my friend to this day.

What was your first alcoholic beverage?

I'm sure that I had sips of beer as a little kid.  In high school, my father would make me weak highballs, bourbon and ginger ale you'd never do that today, but in the 50s, nobody thought anything of it. It was how kids learned to drink (at least kids in alcoholic families!)

Where did you buy your first house?

When I was pregnant with Paul (1968), we bought a wonderful house in Oakland.  It was the very first house I looked at and I called Walt at work from the phone in the kitchen and we made a bid on it that night.  It would never have been big enough for a family of five, but I still love that house in a way that I have never felt about this house.

When did you start your first blog?

March 20, 2000, with an entry called "Ned Moves into a Playhouse."  It was hosted by Geocities then and it's still hosted by Geocities (now Yahoo-Geocities), though I have my own domain.  I have also had supplemental journals, for one reason or another, on a few other sites, and of course there is now the Video Blog and the Family Stories Vlog, and the Theatre Review blog I'm just all over the internet.  Do a Google on "Bev Sykes" and today there are 777 hits.

I actually started the journal (I still hate the term "blog") because my friend Mike Kelley had been helping me learn how to design web pages, by writing code...I had no WYSIWYG program in those days, and Front Page cost a fortune).  With Mike's patience and assistance, I designed a web site that is something like 40 pages long but I still wanted to learn more and I had run out of things to feature in a web site, so, after reading Steve's journal for a few months, I decided that if he could do it, I could.  Besides, Ned was doing this wonderful thing and I was so proud of him I wanted to tell the world (or my "readership," which was, at that time, about 3, I think!).  The rest is history.

For an update on Cpl. Adam Kokesh's battle with the Marine Corps over his anti-war protests, read JoeMyGod.



It's my turn to make the drinks at our next cousins day.
Anybody have a recipe using raspberry vodka?



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