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1 June 2007

Puppies grow so fast that milestones seem to come fast and furious.

This morning they were actually playing with each other.  Tentatively batting each other in the face with their paws, climbing on each other and gnawing at their faces.

They now run around when you put them on the floor and if you put them outside, they find their way back into the house very quickly.

They practically lick the dish clean when I feed them, leaving very little for Lizzie to clean up.

And more importantly, they are learning to come when I call.  I don't know how I began calling "puppy! puppy! puppy!" when I had a group of puppies running around out of their cage.  It just sort of came automatically with our first batch of puppies and it's something I've continued.  A high pitched voice helps, I think.  I've noticed that these guys now perk their heads up and try to locate the direction of the sound and then come galloping over to where they think I am, trying to stay upright on the slippery Pergo.

* * *

My new WordPerfect arrived yesterday.  I don't like upgrading and this is an upgrade, so there are more bells and whistles that I don't need, which only clutter up the screen, but it's WordPerfect and I will eventually have it tamed so that it operates like my old WordPerfect.

One of the things I very efficiently did in getting ready for the re-install of Windows was that I copied off all of my WP macros.  I was so efficient that not only did I copy off the macros, but I even wrote myself a note which gave the exact path of where the macros were stored.  Restoring them to the new WP would be a breeze.

If I could find where I saved them.

I tell ya, I thought I was being so efficient when I was backing things up.  I either put things in a binder or in a spindle of CDs. 

But apparently not everything.  Do you think that I can find those macros?  I have looked almost everywhere.  I'd say that I've looked everywhere but I obviously haven't looked in the one spot where they are hiding.

I can, of course, recreate all the macros but jeez what a pain in the butt to do it all over again!  Especially when I know that somewhere they all exist safely on disk with all the instructions for how to reload them!

* * *

I've decided today that even though 64 isn't exactly ancient, I'm getting too old to live in today's world.

I was having problems with my Verizon cell phone.  I had problems sending a photo and after that, it wouldn't send photos at all.  All the wonderful photos I took at the Madrigal picnic to surprise Jeri with never got sent, I realized the next day (which explained why I never heard from her!).

So today, I went to the Verizon store to see what the problem was.  When I arrived at the little hole in the wall store in downtown Davis, there were about 30 phones on display on the counter and not a soul in sight.  Eventually, this guy sauntered through the front door:

The look on his face pretty much tells you how interested he was in helping me!

I explained my problem and he looked at me as if I was the creature from the Black Lagoon, then in that exasperated voice teenagers get when they are so incredibly bored with their parents, he rapidly asked "Well, did you dial star two two eight option two?"

Golly gee whiz.  Why didn't I think of that?

I asked "how would I know that??"  He rolled his eyes and grabbed my phone and punched in the numbers, waited for a few minutes and then told me to send a photo, which is when I took the above photo to send to myself.

*228 option 2 apparently resets the programming and it worked.  Cleared the problem.  He tells me I should do this at least once a week.  And I should just have known this by osmosis, I guess.

We were taking about technology at Cousins Day, and how my mother doesn't want to know anything about it and can't understand why all this internet stuff is necessary.  She talked about how her parents said pretty much the same thing when she was growing up, about how out of touch they were with modern technology (in the 1920s!) and didn't understand why things had to change.

I told everyone that I know the things that I use and don't have a need to learn anything new (which is what my mother feels, I guess, about learning the things that I know!) 

But occasionally, when a salesclerk still wet behind the ears rolls his eyes at you as if you have just come from another planet and makes you feel like an idiot for not knowing intuitively that you should have tried *228 option 2 before bothering him while he was on whatever break he was on, it makes you feel like maybe you should have kept up just a little bit more.


Ruby and Tipper


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