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30 July 2007

We go to two Giants game a year.  It is a group activity, planned by one of the people in the former Lamplighter tech group (it no longer being a "tech group" because the Lamplighters now play union house and can no longer use non-union volunteers).  The tech group had formed friendships and so we get together several times a year for BBQ, dinner, or Giants games.

The date is set several months in advance and we send Sabella our money and she gets the tickets.  We always have a good time.

However, as we began to approach our game day this time, I suddenly realized that Barry Bonds was just one home run away from tying Hank Aaron's record and he might hit that very home run on the day we were at the game.  I won't get into the meaning of that record tying run or the argument about would still be a gala moment when Bonds hit that home run, especially if it was a home game.  And even more especially if we were there to see it!

Apparently a lot of other people thought so too, because we drove to Concord, as we usually do, parked the car, and took BART in to San Francisco.  The train seemed to be much more full than it usually is at that time of day. Orange was seen everywhere.

The Embarcadero was filled with people...

some of whom were on their way to the ball park, many of whom were coming in at the end of the half marathon that was being run that morning, the route for which sent the racers right past AT&T Park.

When we got to the park, Barry Bonds was in evidence everywhere.

The game started with a tribute to the World Series winning 1987 team and then the National Anthem sung by 2006 American Idol finalist, Elliott Yamin (whom I would not have recognized today!) and then the game began.

Needless to say (because you haven't seen headlines yet), Bonds did not hit the home run.  He walked once, flied out once, got on base once on an amazing play where four infielders went to catch his pop fly and all four of them missed it.  I can't remember what he did the fourth time.

All things considered it was a pretty ho-hum game (especially since the Giants lost), but every time Bonds came to bat, an electricity swept through the crowd and spilled over to the boats and kayaks waiting out in McCovey Cove hoping to catch "the" ball.

(this was taken after the game; the cove was much
more full during the game itself)

Things had to stop briefly before Bonds got to bat because the umpire had to give the pitcher a special ball so that when "the" home run came, they could verify that it actually is "the" ball.  We all stood (because you couldn't see over the people in front of you if you sat) until Bonds got out and then sat down for the rest of the ho-hum game.

We did have a birthday party for Sabella and someone brought cupcakes decorated to look like baseballs.  That was probably the most exciting thing that happened throughout the day.


But all things considered, we had a good day.  The city was nice and cool, but still sunny and clear.  Our seats, while not as good as the ones we usually have, were still good (and close to the food).  We spent the afternoon with some friends.  And Ashley came by to feed the puppies while we were gone, so I didn't have to worry about them shriveling into raisins during our absence.

What more can you ask?

Well, other than a record shattering home run, that is.

(Oh...and I couldn't remember Kate Smith's last name at the 7th inning bothered me the rest of the day and I had to come home and look it up--I was too proud to ask Walt.  I was going to figure it out myself, but in the end I needed Google.)


after the game...


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