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29 July 2007

Dontcha love surprises?

Walt went out to the carport this morning to pick up our daily copy of The San Francisco Chronicle.  He says he was half bent over reaching for it when he suddenly realized what was staring him in the face.

It was a front page (well, the Entertainment Section front page, which the news carrier happened to fold on the outside, with the real front page on the inside) article about Steve & Jim's opening of The Big Voice in San Francisco on August 4. 

Their next stop is San Francisco, where they are taking their award-winning two-man musical-comedy show, "The Big Voice: God or Merman?," to the New Conservatory Theatre Center...

...says the article. 

"The Big Voice" began as a one-night-only performance when the Laguna Playhouse asked the pair to participate in a solo concert series, an informal performance that would celebrate their musical "The Last Session," which had been an award-winning hit on the Laguna stage during the 1998-99 season.

Ah yes, I remember it well.  In fact, I wrote an entire journal entry about that "one night only" show that has now been running for 5 years!

The show had such an amazing response that they moved it to The Lex Theatre in Los Angeles, where it opened in September of 2002.  I attended that opening too.  In fact that was the weekend I was "doing Hollywood," since my day started with a bridal shower for Walt's cousin's daughter, at the home of Michelle Phillips (yes, "the" Michelle Phillips!) and ended with the opening of The Big Voice at The Lex.

When the run at The Lex ended, The Big Voice moved to the larger Zephyr Theatre and again, I flew down for the opening.

How many times have I seen the show since then...?  Lord, I don't know.  More than once at both the Lex and the Zephyr.  Walt and I flew to New York when it played there the first time for the Musical Theatre Festival, but we never did make it to a performance in New York during its six month run there, unfortunately.

But now it's coming to our back yard, The New Conservatory Theatre, the theatre owned by a guy (Ed Decker) who learned to swim in my parents' pool a bazillion years ago, and whose mother has been cutting my mother's hair for more than 30 years. 

And yeah, we'll be there for the first performance, which is a preview, on August 1 and possibly for opening night, August 4 (depending on when Mike and Char want to go--it might be later than August 4). 

"The show is very inspirational," says Ed Decker, New Conservatory Theatre Center's artistic and executive director. "It's just a great testimony to the power of love, and at the same time, this amazing homage to the temple of musical theater. It's just this interesting, fascinating, heartfelt blend of those things.

"They're in a long-term, gay relationship, which is a very big part of the gay civil rights movement right now. They've been together for years and years and years, but they're not able to tie the knot the way everybody else is able to do."

It's a very "non-threatening" show for queasy straight folk who don't like the thought of icky affection between same sex couples.  I think Jimmy lays his hand on Steve's shoulders once and that's the extent of the physical contact between them.  (They have, after all, been together 22 years!)  But that's part of the point of it -- gay couples are just like straight couples, enduring the ups and downs of relationships, loving each other in spite of each other's foibles, and helping each other through the rough times.

I sincerely hope that anybody reading this who is in driving distance of San Francisco will come to see the show -- if you let me know which performance you'll be attending, I'll make an effort to get there that night too.  I really love the show (even if they did cut the song I wrote for it out just because Steve wrote a much better one!  Feh.  Songwriters...)




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