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27 July 2007

This was result of a poll that I found on Facebook today:

This was really a shocker for me.  Mathematics (the subject I hated most) is by far the winner in this poll.  I wonder how long mathematics has been the favorite subject in school.  I remember how much Jeri loved math and was even in a math club for awhile.

I checked another on-line survey of students today.  Science was the favorite, with History second and Math third.  English ranked at the bottom of the list.

I was totally useless helping kids with math homework.  My brain doesn't "do" math.  I can do simple math and I can figure out some things given enough time and enough guesses but I still have to count things on my fingers at times.  I always feel like such a dork when faced with any mathematical computation.  I would, for example, rather treat everyone to a meal than be the one who has to figure out how much everybody owes or to calculate the tip for a bill.  Wait persons must love me because I generally over-tip because I'm not sure what 18% of the bill should be and want to make sure I've left enough.

The other shocking thing, for me, about both polls is how far "Literature" lags behind everything else.  (I notice that "English" didn't even make the Facebook list.)  All throughout school, I loved everything having to do with language.  English class was probably my favorite.  In grammar school I loved spelling tests because I was always so good at them.  I learned to read long before most of my classmates.  I loved learning grammar. I love diagramming sentences.  I loved reading assignments.  I loved writing.  I loved the whole thing.  (Even now, Bill Bryson's "The Mother Tongue," about the English language, is one of my three favorite books!)

I'm wondering how much the fact that we have become such a technological society has to do with both the rating for math and for literature.  Does the appeal of mathematics have anything to do with the prevalence of computers and other technological gadgets?  Does the decline of "literature" have more to do with movies and videos where people can get the "story" without having to actually read a book?

Does "grammar" not even make the list because people now write in texting shorthand and even some teachers are so ignorant about the basic rules of grammar that students are no longer being taught English?

I hated (and did terrible in) all math-related subjects.  Biology, Chemistry, Physics.  Shudder. 

I also wasn't too crazy about history, but mainly because we had a deadly dull teacher with a hair lip who droned in a monotone and made us memorize lots of dates.

But I loved English and Latin and French. I'm sorry that my high school didn't offer a class specifically designed for writing. 

Only took one home ec class -- sewing -- and was so frustrated with my failures with a needle that I never sewed again, unless it was absolutely necessary.  But I absolutely loved typing and all that was connected with that class.  

When I went to college, French was my major.  I didn't last  more than a year at UC Berkeley and didn't attend any classes after the first week in my third semester, but I still managed to get a B in French pronunciation, based on the recording that I made at the start of the class.

When I left high school, I wanted to do secretarial work for awhile before I started college, but my father was adamant.  I often wonder what would have happened if he had let me do what I wanted.  Instead, I went to school, flunked out gloriously and...did secretarial work.  D'ya think I might have been just a bit of a rebel there?

People asked why I posted the photo of Ralph Belamy on the "fear of Alzheimers" entry.  My friend Char's family have a story about trying to remember Belamy's name, which she can tell and make very funny, but I can't.  In any event, it was a tremendous relief when they collectively remembered the actor's name, so it seemed an appropriate Photo of the Day for that entry.



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