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26 July 2007

It was about 8 p.m.  We had finished dinner.  My mother was in the kitchen cleaning up and I was holding my stomach because it hurt so much.  It didn't hurt from eating, it hurt from laughing.  I can't remember when I've laughed so much -- even at previous cousins' days.

I don't even know what we were laughing about.  We weren't drunk.  We had two small drinks before dinner and a big dinner.  We were just ... laughing.  One of us was clutching herself and begging for the others to stop laughing long enough to allow her to get to the bathroom without peeing all over the floor.

Cousins Day #4 was a rip roaring success.

It had the usual.  It had tears.  It had heart to heart conversations.  It had confessions.  It had lots of card games.  It had food.  And it had laughs.  Mostly laughs, which is what all of us come for.  The laughter, the camaraderie.  The knowledge that we can be totally open and free with each other.  It's like family therapy.  We have all come to live for it.

Peach and Kathy were late picking me up because of congestion on the freeway.  I learned, when we got home, that some guy had attempted to commit suicide by running his car into a tree and when that hadn't worked, he jumped out of the car and stabbed himself.  The resulting brouhaha with traffic, highway patrol, helicopter rescue, etc. caused a backup which continued even 3-4 hours after the original incident.

But we got to the house around lunch time and my mother was ready for us, with a plate of cold cuts, bread, salad, and potato chips.  Peach brought out a prototype of a cross stitch Kbag she and Cathy are mass producing, for their new business, "Krafty Cuzzins."

Naturally, as soon as lunch was cleared away, the cards came out and the "65" marathon was on.  I didn't do as badly this time as I have the last couple of times.  I actually, over the two days, won two games and several hands (you get 20 cents for each hand you win, and the money in the pot when you win the game, after 13 hands).

We had time to play 3 games before it was time to drink. 

It was Kathy's turn to make drinks this time around and, not wanting to mess with a good thing, she brought her appletinis again, which we knew that we already liked.

We had a minor trauma, when my mother lost her tooth.  My mother, at 87, has been very proud of still having all her own teeth, but she did lose one tooth this year and has a bridge, which she suddenly realized she wasn't wearing.  The bridge had been no small expense and there was about an hour there where there was some frenzy in searching, but she finally found it, right where she'd left it, in the bathroom, and she could eat her dinner without worry.

It was my turn to make dinner and I'd brought a crock pot meal, and filled in with a salad and asparagus.  My mother offered dessert, but we were all too full and eager to get back to the game.

We finally tired of playing cards, had some ice cream, and, realizing it had somehow become 11 p.m., we went off to our respective places for whatever our sleep routine was.  My mother and Peach had the bedrooms at opposite ends of the house and retreated with their books.  I settled myself on the couch in the living room with my book, and Kathy went to the den to work a puzzle (she would later sleep on the couch). 

I lasted all of half a chapter and then was out like a light.  I slept like a log and woke at 7. 

After breakfast we went to "Hodge Podge," the Hospice of Marin thrift store where my mother has volunteered for many, many years.  I had been looking for a new set of everyday dishes and we found a nice set, which my mother decided to buy me as an anniversary gift.  We packed up the dishes...

...then dropped my mother off at home and the rest of us went on our way back home again.  We made Big Plans for next month's Cousins' Day, but shhhh ... we aren't telling.


What happens at Cousins' Day stays at Cousins' Day!!!


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