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20 July 2007

Usually when I do any sort of blog-surfing I will come across ideas for writing a journal entry somewhere down the line when I am stuck for a topic.  I usually make note of it and refer to that file when I need inspiration.  Often it's a meme, and I've done many of them here.

The one idea that I never save is the suggestion to share XX things (I've seen everything from 3 to 100 things) about you that people might not know, or XX unusual things about you.  I figure that after 7 years, I've probably shared most things, unusual and otherwise, about myself with people who are kind enough to read this journal on any sort of a regular basis.

But there is one attribute that I have that I may not have discussed before.  My magic eyelids.

Yes, I have magic eyelids. 

I always wanted to have big, luminous eyes, like Judy Garland, and have been stuck with little squinty eyes.  But I'll bet Judy Garland didn't have magic eyelids.

The power of my eyelids is such that all I have to do is close them for a nap and it makes the telephone ring.  Time and time again this has proven to be true.

I can sit at home for days on end and nobody ever calls.  Ever.  But the minute I decide I need a nap and sit down in my recliner, you can bet that within 10-20 minutes the phone will ring.  It can be a morning nap, an afternoon nap or an evening nap.  It matters not.  The telemarketers, survey takers, theatre people double checking on whether I'm coming to their show next week, and wrong numbers know when I have closed my eyes.  My magic eyelids send out a signal and the phone will ring.

If I have thought ahead, knowing that I have magic eyelids, and put the telephone on the table next to my chair, I have a fighting chance of getting back to sleep again after I've hung up on the caller.

Unfortunately 99.9% of the time I happen to fall asleep while reading or watching television and have not thought ahead to prepare for the inevitable telephone call, whether by moving the phone close to me, or somehow disabling the ringer.

Our family room is one long room, with the two recliners dividing the eating area from the TV area.  The phone is behind the recliners, against the wall, in the eating area.  So when the phone rings, I have to wake up, get up, walk to the telephone and answer it.  By the time I do all that, including having the conversation, I'm awake again.  Nap time over.

Today was the telephone call that proved my point -- that my eyelids are definitely magic.  Walt is in Santa Barbara at his mother's assisted living facility.  I was recording a DVR-recorded program onto DVD and I fell asleep.  Within 10 minutes the inevitable call came -- from my mother-in-law's assisted living facility, looking for Walt.  He's thereRight where they are calling from!  They wanted his cell phone number so they could find him.  I have it on speed dial, and I didn't think "3" would help them, so I had to go look it up.  By the time I'd done all that, going back to sleep was out of the question.

Besides, the telephone call and the resulting flurry of activity woke up the puppies, who were demanding to be fed.

While we're discussing special physical attributes, I've finally decided that pit bull puppies use whining as a kind of puppy radar.  The last two groups of puppies we had, who were not pit bull mixes, would eat, get down on the floor, play until they were tired and then I'd put them in the playpen.  These guys, like several other pit bull litters we've had eat, get put down and then race around the house, whining the whole time.  Since they have full tummies and are not in any pain, I can only assume that they use whining as a way of keeping in touch with each other.  Put them in the playpen and they stop whining right away (if they're awake, they just bark demanding to be let out again!)

The good thing is that they are starting to come when I call them.  I'll hear them whining all over the family room and I'll call "puppy-puppy-puppy!" and pretty soon the whining gets closer and pitter patter of little feet gets faster and they are obviously trying to find where the call is coming from.

That's a good attribute.  Now if I could only disable these magic eyelids, I'd be a much happier camper.



I'll bet nobody disturbs his nap!


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