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18 July 2007

Well, there are a couple of new crises to deal with.

First of all, the cough.  I thought either Goro or Tattoo were coughing last night and was concerned.  Their mother died of kennel cough and they warned me about that when they brought them here originally.  I thought they were coughing, more than just the usual coughing after eating.

But it was late at night and nothing I could do about it till morning anyway.  In the middle of the night, Goro's coughing woke me up.  That really worried me.  Tattoo was definitely coughing too, but not as badly.

First thing in the morning I contacted the SPCA.  Ashley has moved on and I wasn't really sure who was the right person to handle this.

Ashley usually responds by return mail, but I didn't hear from the person I contacted.  In desperation I wrote to Ashley.  "I know you're not working any more, but I'm worried about the puppies."

She replied within 5 minutes that she was sending someone over with medicine.

About half an hour later I heard from the first person, who said she wanted to check with someone first and then, if she got the OK, she would be over with medicine.

The person Ashley sent came by with pills because that's all she had (watch the Video of the Day to see how that went!) and then person #1 came by with liquid medication.

(The liquid is actually a powder that you're supposed to mix with "14 ml of water."  I didn't happen to have my ml-measurer handy!  Thank goodness for Google.  14 ml = 2.84037787 tsp.  Well, I would read that as "slightly less than 3 tsp.")

I gave Goro the powdered stuff and then, when dinnertime came, I gave all of them the liquid (it's a twice-a-day medication).  I hope this means that we're nipping this in the bud.

The puppies are now needing "outside exercise time," meaning outside the playpen, because they are starting to be awake more.  I put one on the floor while I feed the next one and ultimately all three have a bit of playtime to wear themselves out.  Usually Walt plays with one at some point, only he's not here tonight, having headed off for his 7th trip to Santa Barbara in the last 2 months (which includes our trip over the 4th of July weekend).

Tattoo is the most sure-footed at this point and while I was giving Sopa his medicine and formula, she went toddling off down the hall.  I finished feeing Sopa and put him on the floor and soon the two boys began to conk out, so I put them in the playpen.

But I couldn't find Tattoo.  I didn't remember seeing her come back into the family room after she headed off down the hall.  The bathroom door was open slightly and I searched it thoroughly because there are cockroach traps in there and I wanted to make sure she didn't get into that.

The living room was also opened an there are lots of places to crawl under in there.  I searched everywhere I could.  I called her.  I checked the little closet under the stairs where most of the puppies like to hide out--but these guys haven't been "liberated" long enough to have a pattern.

I checked under the dog beds, because they like to burrow.  I checked in my office.  I checked all over the eating area because other puppies have gravitated to the kitchen table area.

I checked the laundry room.  I checked under the chest of drawers in the family room.  I checked everywhere I could think of and there was no sign of Tattoo.  I called her but, as I said, these puppies are just starting to have freedom and so they haven't learned to come yet.

I reached the point where I figured I'd just have to wait it out.  She was obviously asleep somewhere and hoped that sooner or later she would come waddling out.  I sat in the family room watching everywhere, waiting for a sign of her.

Lizzie kept "woofing" softly in the living room.  Was this my Lassie?  "What's the matter, girl?  Is Tattoo in the well?"   I kept going back in there, hoping Lizzie was trying to tell me something, but I'm afraid she was just barking at dogs or people walking by the front of the house.

Since I had checked everywhere I could and would have to wait for Tattoo to wake up and waddle out from wherever she had fallen asleep, I was in my office typing this entry.  The TV was on but I thought I heard a sound.  It was probably from the puppies in the playpen, so I checked them, but it wasn't them.  Then I heard it again, coming from the laundry room.  I went in and called her and heard motion.

Then I saw her, wedged in between the washer and the dryer, her back to me, facing the wall.  I called to her.  Her head shot up and she looked over her shoulder and began scrambling frantically to back out.  She got close enough that I could reach her and I picked her up.

You never saw such a happy puppy in your life.  You could almost hear her saying "you found me! you found me!" as she licked me all over and snuggled under my chin(s).  I cuddled her a lot and then put her back in the playpen.  She snuggled up to Goro and was asleep instantly.

Crisis averted.

Now if only the medication will stop the coughing, I can stop worrying for a few days!


Home again, and all's right with the world.


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