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13 July 2007

Yes, it's true.  There are new puppies.  Three of them, 2 boys and a girl.  Pit bull mixes, of course.  The SPCA was told they were a week old, but since their eyes are already almost opened (two have opened eyes, the other one will probably open today, since I can see slits) they have to be 2 weeks old instead.

They were with their mother for a week, but she was sick and had to be put down, so they've only been orphaned for 2 days.

I've named most of the batches of puppies I've fed to correspond with something specific going on in the world, or in my world at the time.  The first batch -- Jed, Leo and Toby -- came the day of GWB's second inauguration. I was so upset about his coming to power for a second term that I named the puppies for characters in The West Wing

Harry, Hagrid and Weasley arrived around the time of the release of the last "Harry Potter" book.  The John Denver puppies were Annie, Darcy and Zack (two were named for Denver songs and one for his son).  There were Elsie and Elmer, named for the Borden cows (because of their cow-like markings).  "The Christmas puppies" (Rudolph, Dasher and Dancer) arrived the first week of December, one of them with a red nose.  "The Rainbow puppies" weren't named for events, but for the fact that they all looked identical and had to be marked with colored ribbons to tell them apart, so they became Pinkie, Golde, Blue and Panda.

The last puppies were kind of "theatre puppies," since two of them (Ruby and Crystal) were named after characters in shows I'd just reviewed.

I was thinking about names while I waited for this latest batch to arrive, wondering what meaningful "event"  I could tie their names to.  I was disappointed that they came with names already:  Tiger, Zany and Tank.  I'm not sure who named them, but since the SPCA only had them one night, probably the children in the family that kept them the first night.  Names for puppies are really irrelevant.  They leave our house before they know their names and their forever families change the name anyway.

I finally decided that I would give them names that somehow related to the trip to Africa that Peggy is taking in a couple of days.  She'll be gone just about the length of time that these puppies will be here with us.  This is her trip of a lifetime, something she (and I) have always wanted to do.  She's not only going on a photo safari, but she's also using her frequent flyer miles to take a little side trip to Edinburgh to attend the military tattoo, something else I've wanted to do.

I'm taking the trip vicariously!

So I decided to name the puppies for Peggy's trip.  As a group they are now officially "The Africa puppies."

I looked through her itinerary and saw that all of the places where she is staying on her safari are called The [something] Sopa -- The Serengeti Sopa Lodge, The Ambroseli Sopa Lodge, the Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge, etc.  (Probably the African equalivent to "The Holiday Inn" or something like that!)  I learned "Sopa" is a word for greeting, so I decided to name the smaller of the two boys "Sopa."

The other boy is the biggest of the three puppies, and "Goro" just seemed to fit him.  It's a part of the word "Ngorongoro."

As for the little girl, she's white with black and dark brown markings, as if she's been tattoed and so, in keeping with the side trip to Scotland for the military tattoo, she's become "Tattoo."  It's the name that doesn't quite role trippingly off the tongue yet, but I liked it better than "Zany" anyway.  (I'll see if I can train her to say "The plane! The plane!")

Instead of setting up the cage like I usually do for new puppies, I put these guys right into the playpen.  I use the cage because it's easier to set up a heating pad underneath the puppies, but in this weather, I didn't think they really needed a heating pad.  As I was setting up the playpen, Sheila was rolling her eyes at me, as if to say "Oh no, not again."

Lizzie is, of course, happy to have "Lizzie TV" back, especially since it's at her eye level this time and she doesn't have to jump up to watch the babies.




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