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9 July 2007

I guess it was a "debut" of sorts.  The first time Lizzie had gone with us to a social occasion, leaving Sheila at home.

It was a "coming out" party for Ned and Marta's new dog, "Bounce" (or "Bouncer"), who joined the family yesterday.

She is a lovely, mellow 9 month old dog who was presented as a pit bull mix, but who really doesn't appear to have any pit bull characteristics.  Marta and I agree that we think she is Vizsla mixed with something else.

We decided to bring Lizzie to see how Bouncer would get along with other dogs (and figuring that Lizzie was a better first experience than Sheila).  We left Sheila with a gourmet dinner and her favorite treats and we attached Lizzie to the car in her new harness.

I swear the dog in the picture on the harness box had to have been stuffed.  He sits there so calmly, enjoying the scenery from the back seat.  For one thing, getting Lizzie into the harness is enough aerobic exercise for the day, and then you attach her to the seatbelt, as demonstrated.  In minutes she has that thing so twisted up that the belt is cutting into her hindquarters.

We had to stop at Walt's sister's condo in Sacramento (which she is trying to sell) and I tried to extricate Lizzie from the mess she'd made of the seatbelt.  It worked better to attach her to the middle belt, which works fine if she's the only dog in the car.

We arrived at Ned and Marta's and Bouncer, who seems a lovely dog, wasn't immediately thrilled with canine company.  We decided to try them outside first, but that didn't work much better either.

All Bouncer wanted to do was bark, and all Lizzie wanted to do was get away.

Eventually, Ned and Walt took the two dogs for a walk and by the time they came back, they were all friends and PLAYTIME ensued for the rest of the evening.

They were alternately balls of energy and exhausted lumps, but they had a good time playing all evening and Lizzie has been sleeping ever since we got home!

It looks like Bouncer is a good addition to Ned and Marta's family.


...and Lizzie had a good adventure.


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