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8 July 2007

The dogs are back.  They went into the kennel while we were in NY, then came home for a couple of days and then went back to the kennel when we went to Santa Barbara.  When we got back from Santa Barbara, Walt discovered that our car had a leak in one of the major arteries and it could not be driven (we had rented a car to go to Santa Barbara), so we left the dogs in the kennel for an extra day.

I was at the kennel at 9 a.m. yesterday to pick them up.  Lizzie was pulling on her leash and sniffing the ground all the way from the cages to the gate which leads to the parking lot, where I was waiting.  I called to her but she didn't seem to hear me.  As she got near the gate, suddenly her head popped up, her eyes got very wide and she practically exploded out the gate and into my arms.  "I thought you had left me forever," you could just about hear her saying.

Sheila was a bit more cool, but leaped in the car without a backward glance, took up her position by the window and seemed to be muttering "let's get the hell outta this place!"

When we got home, Sheila high-tailed it into the back yard immediately, without even stopping to collect the treat she usually gets when we get home from somewhere.  Lizzie got her treat, then literally leaped (body up and arching and landing on front two feet) onto the dog bed, burying her head in the fluffed up bed and then rolling over and over on it, rubbing her face in the material of the cover.  "I'm home!  I'm really home!" you could hear her thinking.

Both dogs collapsed and slept all afternoon, hardly moving.

I'm finding myself in an unusual situation these days.  Since Sheila arrived, but even moreso since Lizzie arrived.  I really miss these guys when I don't have them around.

We've had dogs all our married life, but they were always the kids' dogs and Sheila is really the first dog that is completely my dog (Walt won't claim her!).  And Lizzie has definitely claimed me as her person, so we are a strange little triumverate.  Having them always at my side wherever I go is sometimes a pain, but it's also a very nice feeling to know that they regard me as the leader and want to be wherever I am.

(OK--it's because I tend to drop food from time to time and one always wants to be there, but I take that as a form of love, don't you?)

As the night gets later, the dogs (especially Sheila) get antsy and want me to go to sleep now.  As you know, I sleep on the couch in the living room and I have often just opened the door for Sheila to go in and settle herself, but she won't go into the living room at night without me so she's constantly doing things to let me know that it's time to go to bed NOW.

Last night as I lay down both dogs stood by the couch so I could pet them.  As I start petting them less and less, they each settle into their own spots--Sheila on the floor by the couch, Lizzie on the chair next to the couch.  Then we all three went to sleep.  They didn't move when I got up at 3 to visit the bathroom, but the minute I made a noise that let them know I was awake this morning, you'd have thought the doggie Publishers Clearing House had showed up at the door.  Lizzie leaped up on top of me, rolled over on her back and began scrunching her back and forth across my stomach, while rubbing her face into my face.  Sheila stood at my side, calmly, but with her face on my shoulder and me rubbing her ears.  We stayed like that for several minutes before I finally told them it was time to get up.

We do have our routines.  They are the only beings to actuallyforce me into a routine.  But their love is unconditional and that's really so nice.  Sheila is more reluctant to get all sappy about affection.  She shows her affection by always being on guard, and by dropping by now and then for an ear skritch.

Lizzie, however, is a bundle of love just begging for affection.  She doesn't know what it is not to be loved and can't understand why everybody doesn't love her.  She will run up to me and sit at my feet, backwards, so her tummy is out and then as I scratch her tummy she slowly slides to the ground so she is flat with all four limbs splayed, taking all the belly rub she can get.

They really do bring so much joy to my life, even when they are driving me nuts.


(and so do the puppies, when we have them!)


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