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6 July 2007

If Ron can do it, I can do it.  So can you.  Go to the Simpsons Movie web site and create your own avitar.  I couldn't get the salt-and-pepper look in my hair and there is no option for glasses, but this pretty much represents me -- silly t-shirt, dark blue or black pants, sensible shoes (Birkinstocks was not an option on the avitar) and squinty eyes.

The other night there was a news report on TV about a huge expansion that is being made to an already huge shopping mall about an hour from here.  I have driven past the mall occasionally, on the way to visit someone or heading up the foothills to Lake Tahoe, but until I saw the aerial view of the original mall, I had no idea how huge it was...and now they are talking about practically doubling in size. 

I have good friends who consider "shopping" as a pleasurable activity.  They will just decide one day to "go shopping," with no idea in mind what they are going to buy, but just wander from store to store for fun, stopping to take a break to have lunch, and then continue going shopping.  They come home laden with parcels--cute little items of clothing they found on sale or something they just couldn't live  without.

I find nothing fun about "going shopping" (except, possibly, the chance to spend the day with a friend).  Buying clothes is nothing I enjoy.  Even when I had lost weight and didn't look like one of Disney's Fantasia hippos, I didn't really enjoy buying clothes.  I couldn't justify the cost unless it was a very good sale.

I have always hated buying shoes, ever since I was a little kid.  This must be terribly frustrating for my mother, who absolutely loves shoes (Peggy should have been her daughter instead of me!).  Shoes are almost never comfortable on me until I've worn them in so far that they are ready to be discarded.  I presently own about 10 pairs of shoes, four of which I purchased in Australia because Peggy was shopping for shoes.  I don't think I've worn any of those shoes more than once or twice in the past four years.  I have one pair of walking shoes that fits and one that doesn't.  Naturally the ones that fit are the ones that one of the puppies nibbled around the padding on the edges.

I have lived in Birkinstocks for the past year, with one or possibly two days exception.  It's either Birkinstocks, or, if at home, bare feet or slippers (also a good teething toy for the puppies). 

I own three pairs of black sweat pants (identical--they were on sale in a catalog), one pair of blue sweat pants (now with a red bleach stain on them, so I try to wear with a longer t-shirt to cover the stains), and one pair of black velveteen pants which I wear summer or winter.  I think I have worn the same clothes to every "fancy" occasion for the past three years--the velveteen pants with one or two different tops, and the Birkinstocks (which are Navy blue).  I also have a couple of navy blue lighter weight pants that were handed down from the friend of a friend, but they are too long.  In a pinch I will wear them and roll the top so that I am not stepping on the hem all the time.  And I have a couple of pairs of shorts, purchased in a moment of reckless abandon, when I had lost weight.  I wear them in the summer in the house, but change into the ubiquitous sweat pants when I go out because that's my only option.

I occasionally go wild and crazy with t-shirts.  I have several, mostly ordered from Rosie O'Donnell, who understands the fuller figure. 

I buy white "granny panties" in sets of 4 when I can find them on sale every couple of years and haven't bought a new bra in at least 4 years.  They all look dingy because I washed them once with something that colored them and I was never able to get them back to white again.

That's my entire wardrobe (of things that fit). 

I could easily justify going out to go "shopping" from time to time, buying some clothes to spruce up the wardrobe, but why?  It seems like such a waste of money.  Pearls and swine and all that....

(I also don't have my hair "done" every week or every month like some folks do, but have it chopped off every 4-6 months at Supercuts; I have had two manicures in my life, one the day before my wedding, and one last October the day before Walt's sister's wedding.  I have had one pedicure in my life.)

Walt doesn't know how lucky he is not to have a "normal wife," for whom "shopping" and other "girly things" are an accepted part of the weekly or monthly routine and for whom adding "new clothes" is something that you just "do" from time to time and for whom "lunch with the girls" is a regular event.  If I were, we be divorced by now.

I do not cringe when the credit card bill comes in because rarely is there something that I have charged on it. 


The puppies are ready for adoption.  I found these photos on PetFinder
Tipper - Crystal - Ruby (how big they've gotten!)


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