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4 July 2007

It was "baby day" at Maravilla when we stopped by to spend the morning with Walt's mother.  Kind of a neat idea.  From 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., mothers with toddlers bring the kids into the theatre area and just sit on the floor and play with them.  The old folks sit in chairs around the outside of the play area and just watch.

At 11, the toddlers leave and the younger babies come and the mothers play with the younger ones while the old guys watch.  Anybody needing a baby or kid fix gets it once a week. 

I asked Walt if there was also a "pet day" as well, since he's become such an expert on the schedule at Maravilla, but he said he hadn't seen one in the time he's been there.

Speaking of Pets, Ned and Marta have adopted a new dog, now that BooBoo is dead.  Marta said that they have been visiting rescue groups and found Bounce (they may or may not change her name) at one of them.

(The interesting thing about this photo is that Bounce seems to have a specific reason for wearing such a big grin on her face, if you check the back of the picture!!!)

Ironically, after all the pit bull mix puppies that I've raised, they've gone and found themselves a pit bull/lab mix somewhere else.  It will be interesting to watch this little girl (she's 9 months old) grow up and get a feel for how my own little charges may be adjusting to adulthood.

We had a "party" at Dick & Gerry's house last night.  Someone said it felt like going crazy when Mom and Dad are out of town.  Actually, it was just Alice Nan & Joe, Tom & Laurel and us sitting outside eating pizza on the patio.  Such fun.  We laughed a lot.  It was one of those days when I realize how much I love this family.

In the morning, we went back to Maravilla to have one last visit with Walt's mother before we left.  She was perky, so we had a nice chat with her and then left Santa Barbara around noon, when Alice was getting her mid-day nebulizer treatment (she has treatments 4 times a day), and we faced that long drive home.  There's just no getting around it.  If you don't want to run scared of getting a speeding tickets you just can't do the drive in less than 8 hours.  Fortunately, we had a rental car because the temperature on spots was over 100 and the a/c in our Chevrolet worked very well (unlike the a/c in our own car).

We stopped in San Luis Obispo for lunch.  I had heard about a restaurant that Oprah Winfrey had contributed to, sight unseen, because she went ape over a sandwich someone brought her.  I've been wanting to try it, but couldn't remember where it was.  I decided to try Google on my cell phone, and got the name of a cafe.  We drove around until we found it, but they had run out of food...and looking at it, I was pretty sure that this was not the right place (for one thing, there were no sandwiches on the menu!)

Instead we walked around the corner to look for someplace else to eat.  On the way, we passed by "Bubblegum Alley," just off Higuera Street in SLO.  San Luis Obispo is a college town (Tom graduated from Cal Poly, in SLO).  So it was the perfect town for a landmark like Bubblegum Alley, which has been growing since 1960. People initially complained but the gum kept on coming. Now there are nearby shops that have gumball machines on the sidewalk for people who haven't thought to bring their own gum to add to the artwork that is already there.

After our little side trip (we did finally get lunch at a great pub.  Walt had chicken pesto sandwich and I had a smoked turkey/brie with chipotle sauce on a croissant...very low cal!), it was time for the last five hours of the trip.

It seemed strange to come home to a house with no dogs in it.  We can't pick the dogs up tomorrow either because the kennel is closed, so we will be dog-less for a day for the first time in a very long time.

It was really a very good trip down to Santa Barbara, but it's also nice to be home again.

For those die-hards who missed photos in the last two entries, I have gone back and inserted them.  Just use the "previous" arrow below to get to them and check out especially the BBQ pix....always very impressive!


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