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30 January 2007

Just so we get one thing out in the open at the outset, my mother is a lovely woman who can be a vicious, opportunistic, vindictive bitch. OK? I say this because I've been playing canasta with her all evening. She cheats. Trust me. She cheats.

Other than that, all has gone well. Today was her appointment with the orthopedist. She decided to take a sponge bath before getting dressed, so I helped a bit. She asked if I ever dreamed I would be washing my mother's bare back. I told her I figured it was inevitable.

Walt came down at 9:30 and Ed met us here and together they got her down the metal ramp and into the car. We drove over to Kaiser (forgetting to take the wheelchair with us...duhhhh). Walt managed to get a wheelchair at the front desk and we went up to Orthopedic Surgery.

The first stop was x-ray, where they took pix of her leg. Cool stuff now. You don't sit around waiting to see if pictures came out. It's all computerized and the image comes right up on the computer screen and is immediately transferred to the patient's file. The x-ray tech let me take a picture of one of her x-rays.

After x-rays were taken, we went into the cast room (conveniently next door) to meet with the doctor, who reviewed the x-rays, said everything looked good, ordered 4 more weeks of non-weight bearing, and told the techs to remove the staples in her leg and put on a new cast.

The staples were pretty impressive. I counted something like 32, divided on two sides of her leg. Her roommate had 39 staples removed when they were in the nursing home and screamed at each one. My mother is such a tough old broad that she didn't even grimace beyond the first one.

Next came the cast. She got her choice of color this time and chose shocking pink.

Then it was back into the car and back home again. Ed was here to help bring her up the stairs. Walt stayed for lunch and to babysit, while I went out and ran a few errands. Then she took a nap, Walt took a nap, and I did some reading and watched some videos on my iPod.

She actually ate today. Oatmeal for breakfast, soup and crackers for lunch and potroast with spinach and salad for dinner, plus two servings of ice cream for snacks. All stayed down and her stomach was not unsettled, so perhaps we have tourned the corner on that part of her recovery, finally.

Tomorrow will be "beauty day," as her hairdresser is coming to get her hair cut and styled. It's nice when your hairdresser is also a friend.

The better she feels, the more independent she becomes and the more impatient with her inability to do it all herself. She's grateful for help, but I know that she is going to be thrilled the day the last helper leaves and she has this house all to herself again. .

Things are very frustrating for me. I guess the laptop is just getting old. It won't hold a link sometimes, it gives me error messages where there is no error. It's slow as molasses. It usually takes me 20 minutes to post one of these entries and this one has taken two hours, and a lot of tears and hair pulling. I can't e-mail from Outlook Express. I'm just basically posting journal entries (when I can) and forgetting everything else. If I owe you e-mail, or haven't stopped by your journal or anything else that I normally do, that's why.




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