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27 January 2007

Who's excited?  My mother?  Nyaah.  We arrived at her house at 9:30, just seconds behind Peach and Bob and minutes before Ed.  Peach's phone was already ringing my mother, letting us know that she was ready to go whenever we could get there.

We piled into two cars, leaving Peach & Bob's VW behind, and arrived at the nursing home in about 10 minutes.  She was dressed, packed, and tapping her one good foot in anticipation.

We all made short work of packing up the leftover stuff into bags and getting the hell out of there.  Her roommate, Eileen, who had a more severe break in her leg (they removed 37 staples the other day), and who is much more fragile, has to wait another week before she's released.  She seemed genuinely sad to see my mother leave. 

My mother, who loves the outdoors, nature, and fresh air, hadn't been out of this room (which would cost $6300 a month, if she had to pay for it!) since she got here, except for a couple of trips down to the tables to play cards with Peach and Bob.  She had to argue with the staff of the home, who wanted to keep the blinds in her room closed.  She could hardly wait to get home to her plants.

Walt took the wheelchair in hand and we were on our way.

(Is this a happy person, or what?)

We got her loaded in the car and made the quick trip back to her house, where Ed, Bob and Walt had erected a ramp up to the back porch and, with some huffing, puffing, and pushing, got her up to the back porch and squeezed through the back door.

In a matter of seconds she was sitting in her recliner, with her foot up, holding court, looking happier than she has in three weeks.

It didn't take long before she was ready to move to the table and get a game of "65" going.  (When we played this at the nursing home, I won big time.  Now I know they were just setting me up.  I was the biggest loser today!)

It was also fun to be able to all gather around the same table and have lunch, though my mother is still a bit queasy from her recent intestinal problems.  I made her some "milk toast" (the thing she used to make me when I was sick), and she was able to get half of it down, but not much.  She did eat half a banana later.

I was impressed to see her hopping around the house in her walker, looking pretty damned fit to me.

It obviously tires her to hop all the way down the hall to the bathroom, but she can do it.  She's already talking about how she's "not going to need helpers for very long."

The jury is still out on that particular bit of premature independence!

My cousin's daughter, Denise, zoomed thru for a bit, while my mother held court.  Then Walt and Bob went on a "rat hunt," since they all smelled something dead (my nose isn't that good, so I didn't).  Early in my mother's hospitalization, Walt and I had found some bread in her kitchen had been eaten and I had put out some D-Con.  Apparently a rat ate it, and died under the couch and had been there for awhile.  Walt and Bob got it picked up and out to the garbage.

Peach and Bob are staying for the next two nights, while I review a show tomorrow night.  Then I'm taking over on Sunday and will stay for a week and be relieved by my other cousin, Kathy. 

She's definitely on the mend and there are people all over Northern California who are so happy to see her up and about, albeit cautiously, at the moment.



The doves know she's back--the first dove couple
of the season returned to their nest on her porch
just yesterday afternoon. 



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