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26 January 2007

Yesterday was a very strange day.  After I learned that my mother had an intestinal flu, I decided I'd take the opportunity of a day off to work on putting together a video of the "20 years of Pinatas," which is part 2 of a three-part video.

I was also aware that my stomach didn't feel "right," and hoped I wasn't getting what my mother had, and thought that since it was so slight that it was probably just suggestibility rather than a real flu.  I may or may not have been right, but nothing tasted right all day and that "not right" feeling was there all day long.

I worked most of the day on the video.  I also had been trying to do an interview with a delightful man named Jack Lynn, who directed Earnest in Love, which we saw on Saturday. 

I have been collecting contact information on the people I talk to all the time and had a nice WordPerfect file with all the theatre names, names of representatives, and their contact numbers.  I brought up the file and called the general manager of the Woodland Opera House, got Mr. Lynn's phone number and was finally able to reach him in the late afternoon.

What a delightful man!  I had met him at the theatre the other night and had read his impressive bio (he taught the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman, Charles Bronson, Barbara Rush and Ruth Buzzi and, from his days at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London his best friends were some of the more famous names in British theatre--Derek Jacobi, Ian McKellen and John Gielgud).  If you've seen Yentl, you know Jack Lynn--he played the bookseller (and he says that Barbra Streisand is wonderful to work with. "She’s kind and considerate as long as you do your work. If you don’t she can be critical. I adored her. She was a most wonderful person.")

The interview went so well that I started writing the article immediately, figuring that it would pretty much write itself (it did), but there was still that nagging "not quite right" feeling in my stomach.

At some point, I gave up on the article and took a break to sit in the recliner and hope that the feeling would go away.

As time came closer for dinner, I realized that the very last thing I wanted was any thing to eat, so Walt offered to cook his own dinner.  Before he had dinner on the table, I was asleep.

I woke up with a jerk when he dropped a glass on the floor.  I was so disoriented I thought it was 4 a.m. and couldn't understand why he had come downstairs for a drink of water in the middle of the night, but then realized it was only 9 p.m.  I got some water for myself and was back asleep instantly.

At 3 a.m., I woke up.  I had been asleep a long time and was wide awake.  My stomach had also settled down a bit.  I got up, posted yesterday's journal entry, finished the article on Jack Lynn and got it mailed off to my editor at 4:15 a.m.

Then I went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 7:15.

I was feeding the dogs when the phone rang.  It was so early, I was afraid it was either my mother or the nurse telling me that she was still sick.  She is scheduled to come home tomorrow and I really am hoping nothing interferes with that.

When I answered the phone, though, it wasn't my mother, it was my editor.

"Where's your review?" he asked.

"...of.....?" I responded, confused.  I had been so proud of having finished the Jack Lynn article.  What was he talking about?

Then he reminded me I was to have reviewed All Shook Up, the Broadway Series musical, in Sacramento last night.  I had totally forgotten. 

I uttered a couple of expletives and asked what I could do to make it right.  He didn't think they would give me tickets for the second night of the run, but I told him I'd call and see what I could do.

I went to WordPerfect to get the file on which I have stored, over the years, all the contact information for all of the theatres I deal with and I don't have a CLUE how I did it, but I somehow managed to erase the file.  I have lost all of the contact names and information.  I don't even know how that was possible, technically speaking.

* * *

Quick update:  They wouldn't give me tickets for the second night, which is just as well because my mother has a doctor's appointment at 10:30 a.m. and I don't want to have to go to a late night show and then stay up writing a review.  I still feel awful about missing the show, but my brain at the moment is in 50 different places.

And I didn't "lose" the file after all...I efficiently renamed it so it would be "easier" to find!

My friend Char, the "mean" grad resident from yesterday's entry reminded me of something I'd forgotten.  If you watched yesterday's video, most of us who married in that infamous 4-year period wore the same veil, which Char bought.  Given how many children were produced from the marriages, it has been dubbed "the fertility veil."  It still exists somewhere.

Today's Video of the day takes the 22 kids from birth to their teens and 20s.



One of Peggy's "babies"



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