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(inspired by Rodney)

24 January 2007

I've mentioned before that one of the web sites I visit is "The Question of the Day," which is more of an interactive blog than a "how I'm spending my life" blog. 

Her question today was inspired by a blogger named Rodney Olsen, who happens to live in Perth.  I'm always interested in people from Perth, obviously, so I checked it out.  Appears he's radio announcer and the entry which sparked today's question of the day was "Time for a Clean Out," in which he talks about cleaning out his wallet.

The question of the day, thus became "how often do you clean out your wallet or purse?" with the follow-up question "what's the oldest receipt you'd find there?"

I carry one of those big ergonomic sorts of bags which is large enough to double as an overnight bag, if necessary.  This is my only bag and I've had it probably well over 10 years.  Unlike my mother, I do not have a "purse wardrobe."

I read recently that the weight of a woman's purse could be detrimental to her health.  This one is heavy as a rock and in addition to the usual stuff (which includes a heavier-than normal wallet), I also carry one or two cameras, a book or two (sometimes a hardback) and my iPod, with plenty of room to spare, but you'll get a hernia from picking it up.  (Is it any wonder I always have a back ache?) I also don't remember when was the last time I cleaned it out, so, always up for an interesting journal idea, I decided to see exactly what is the oldest receipt I'd find in there.

The prospect is daunting.  Let's start with the wallet, which is full enough as it is.  It's so stuffed with "stuff" that it doesn't close any  more.

I should clean it out more often.  I found THREE "pint for a pint" certificates, where you get a free pint of Baskin Robbins ice cream for every pint of blood you donate.  There are also 2 coupons for Skinny Cow ice cream, which date from the days when I was dieting.  It looks like I haven't cleaned the wallet out for at least a year.  Lots of deposit slips, lots of fast food slips and the oldest receipt is for insurance on a parcel I sent to Australia a year ago.

Moving on to the bag itself, what interesting stuff can I find...?

There's the run of the mill "big" stuff -- the book I'm currently reading ("The Cat Who Could Read Backwards,"), a hairbrush, my spare glasses (which are in the purse because I had to wear them when Lizzie ate my regular glasses.  I've just never taken them out of the bag since I picked up the repaired glasses).  There's a CD of "Definitive American Songbook," which is my mother's that I was going to copy to my iPod.  And there's the iPod too, of course.

There are lots of keys.  Or, more accurately, lots of things on a keychain.  There are actually only 4 keys, the house, the car, and my suitcase (and now my mother's house key).  But there is the keychain itself, which I've talked about before (a tag from the Mustang Ranch in Nevada saying "ask for Bev"), there is my membership card for the gym (mostly unused), a membership card for Borders books and another for Nugget Market, and a star I got for giving xxx pints of blood, which shows my blood type.  I did take off the Weight Watcher award I won when I lost xxx lbs.  I figured that was the honorable, honest thing to do!

There is a coupon book from Petco which we got when we got Lizzie.  A travel deodorant, which I probably should take out since it probably won't get me through security any more, though it's been in my purse for about a year (but it's a solid, not a liquid).  I'm not sure why I have it in the first place.  Must have bought it in an airport somewhere.

There's a bottle of Tums Ultra, assorted fruit flavor.  My mother turned me on to Tums and I've been a happy camper ever since, since is eliminates heartburn on contact, as the commercial promises.

For some reason there are three packets of dried yeast, expiration date January 18, 2007.  I'd better get baking some bread soon!

There is a credit card holder which contains credit cards I haven't used in years, and a business card holder which have the cards I made for myself when I was Steve's publicist.  Now that he's an off-Broadway star he has a "real" publicist and I should re-do the business cards.

There is coffee flavored lip balm from Peet's, a keychain from New Orleans (which we visited when David was in high school), and lots of loose change, because it seems to fall out of my wallet all the time.  I moved all the change into a little baggie because something tells me that I'm going to need it for games of "65" that I will be playing with my mother and cousins over the coming month!

What's left is the assortment of miscellaneous papers and receipts.  But not as old as in my wallet.  There were all of Lizzie's papers, which I had "misplaced," more deposit slips, napkins, a real cloth handkerchief (which used to belong to Gilbert, which tells you I've been carrying it for 11 years —yes, I have washed it in that time.  Shut up!)  and theatre tickets and stubs from my newspaper paychecks.

Actually, not as much junk as I expected.  Just BIG pieces of paper, the oldest of which only dates back to September of 2006, which seems almost "new."

So, thanks Rodney, and thanks "Indigo" for giving me the idea for a journal entry...and the incentive to clean out my purse!







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