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22 January 2007

Yes, the Christmas puppies were back.  Briefly.  Lizzie can't seem to believe it.

The family that took them knew they would need coverage for this weekend, and I had volunteered to do it.  As it turned out, I was down with my mother, but Walt said he'd do it and so the puppies moved "home" overnight.

It was really kind of cool when I got home and all three of them greeted me like you'd greet your long-lost mother.  They flocked around my ankles and as soon as I sat down, they all leaped at my lap over and over again.  It was kind of touching, actually.

I picked them up, one at a time, and Dasher latched onto my finger as if he hadn't eaten in weeks and just sucked and sucked and sucked until he fell asleep, after about 10 minutes.

Fortunately I had my closed-toe shoes handy so my toes didn't have to worry about attack....they even know how to untie double-knotted laces.

They have only been gone for a couple of days, but they seem to have grown tremendously.  Were they really that tall when they left here?

When they left here, they had just started playing tug of war.  They had been tugging on things for a long time, but they had just, that day, discovered the fun of having someone else on the end of whatever you are tugging.  In the past couple of days they have perfected the new game.

When they lived here, Lizzie and Dancer seemed to have the closest bond, but now it's Lizzie and Dasher.  Walt said the two of them played together all afternoon and when Walt went to put Dasher in the playpen, his head was wet from spending so much time inside Lizzie's mouth.

They also have graduated from moist kibble to dry kibble.  They were wormed the day before they came here and their tummies are still a bit upset.  Dasher had vomited before coming here and Dancer lost all of her dinner last night, though breakfast seemed to sit just fine with all of them today.

When they all lived here, the puppy I had the least to do with was Rudolph, who didn't seem to demand as much attention as the other two.  That sure changed for this visit.  He only wanted to be in my lap and watching that huge puppy (he's the largest of the three, by far) nursing on my finger so frantically was both sweet...and silly.  He's just so big.

It was really so nice to have them all back here again.  And after running herd on them for several hours, it was really so nice to give them all to their new family again when they left!




I have to admit that I look at pictures like this
and I feel really proud of nurturing them to "full puppyhood."


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