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18 January 2007

We got what is probably the final word yesterday:  They will release her a week from Friday. 

She has been hoping to go home this week and has been trying to get hold of her insurance company to find out what her long term health care will cover.  Her druthers would be to have a nurse "on call" so that if nobody can spend the night with her at home, she can have someone from an agency come in and stay the night.

Today she got the word that this is not the sort of thing covered by her long term care.  I finally asked her why she felt that she needed someone in the first place and learned that, being the organized person she is, she just wants to make sure that if there isn't a friend or relative available, that someone else would be.

I pointed out that so many people are lining up to help her that I really don't think it's going to be a problem and I think that this time I finally got that message through to her and she was relieved.

Everybody has been calling to ask what they can do to help, so I know that at least the first weeks, when it is going to be more important to have someone there all the time, there will be no dearth of volunteers to be there for days and nights.  Both my cousins Peach and Kathy have volunteered to come and stay a week and my mother's stepdaughter has also volunteered to spend some time.  Other friends in the area have offered to come in during the day to help her.

Peach will take the first week.  I realized that I'm not the best person to be there when she first gets home from the hospital.  The other night I was sleeping in the recliner, right next to the puppies and Rudolph cried so loud that it woke Walt, sleeping upstairs.  He came down, got the puppy up, let him run around until he'd pooped, put him back to bed and went back to bed himself.  I never heard a thing.  So having me be there on my mother's first night home, when she is most likely to need middle-of-the-night-help than later in her return home, is just not a wise thing, much as I would like to be the person to be there for her.

It's also better to have Peach there because she will come with her husband, who can add an extra hand.  Even though he's retired, Walt can't really come down to spend a week with me because it means doing something with Sheila and Lizzie, whereas my cousin's dog, an old, quiet lap dog, travels with them.

My mother appears to have settled into the nursing home and is more resigned about being there than she was the first couple of days.  She has gotten into the routine, is establishing a friendship with her roommate, and seems resigned to staying out her time there, especially after listening to comments from other patients about the problems of leaving too soon.

The pain in her leg is being controlled by Tylenol, since Vicodin upset her stomach, so she is as comfortable as someone can be cooped up in a hospital bed or wheelchair, keeping her leg elevated.

Her main problem is her arm.  She dislocated the shoulder some 6 years ago and apparently when she fell she injured it.  Nobody really seemed to be paying much attention to it, other than clucking sympathetically about it.  But it's really more of a problem than you'd think because everything she does in physical therapy is contingent on her being able to support herself with her arms, so when one arm is in a lot of pain, that is a problem.

There was a weekly conference yesterday where all the caregivers discussed the treatment protocol for all the Kaiser patients and I happened to be there when the ?nurse ?CNM ?social worker ?whatever was getting information on my mother.  My mother always mentions that her shoulder hurts, but I was able to get in the information that it had been dislocated previously, so that became part of the therapy plan discussion at the meeting.

When I talked with my mother later, apparently they have worked out what they plan to do to help the shoulder pain, another good reason for her to stay in the nursing home for a bit longer.

I left the nursing home around 2:30 and went back to her house, where I did a load of laundry for her, to leave for my cousin and her husband to take to the nursing home today, and I finally got her Christmas tree undecorated, a project I have been "going" to do ever since the accident happened.  I left the tree up, figuring the Peach and Bob can take it outside while they are spending a couple of days at the house.

I was pleased to note that I haven't managed to kill any of her forest of houseplants yet.  I know my mother talks to her plants all the time, so I've been apologizing to them for having to put up with someone with a black thumb and promising that my mother will be home soon if they can just hang on until she gets there.

PUPPY UPDATE:  The puppies are gone.  sniff, sniff.  They were picked up around noon by the family that had the rest of the litter of Rainbow puppies late last year.  I was in the usual state before giving up a litter of puppies.  Sad to see them go, but a tooth imbedded in my toe and another one gnawing at the computer cords helped soften the loss.

Last picture of Rudolph.  Still with his red nose!



I stopped at a park on my way home from the nursing
home the other day and caught this woman feeding
the seagulls.  Her friend is on the ground at the left
taking pictures.



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